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  1. Got that Carbonized Boba & Retro-card Kingpin myself. Nice figs.
  2. If you want something done right... Added Joker & Onward to the roster.
  3. Trailers made it look interesting. I get the overall impression it's good but not great. Now that S1 is over I'll hopefully be able to binge it soon. I believe it's renewed for S2.
  4. The Old Guard [Netflix] B Netflix action film starring Charlize Theron with a by the numbers plot (that’s clearly meant to be the start of a franchise), which I predicted its outcome within the first 15 minutes. Despite its predictability, there was an engaging cast and some decent action. Honey Boy [Amazon Prime] A- If you’ve no prior knowledge of Shia Labeouf’s career or personal life, this will probably be a less moving or emotional experience. There is some disappointing lack of resolution for the two main characters and some uneasy scenes to witness (
  5. Yeesh. Three strikes so far. Hopefully Larson is just rusty at it and will hit some home runs in the near future.
  6. Okay, let's see. Yep, your temperature is only 100.2. You're good to enter, sir.
  7. Come into a thread about Billie Eilish and the last post in said thread is about the Alabama Shakes. *breathes in deeply* This is the Hondo's I love! * I honestly do not get how Eilish became so huge or garnered so much acclaim, but I am glad she did. In a modern world dominated by such mediocrity on the pop charts with such utterly disposable "artists" it's refreshing to see true artists like Malone & Eilish become so huge. It gives me hope for the yewts of Murica--Eilish much more so than Malone. * Alabama Shakes are great. "Hold On" is an instant classic. Brittan
  8. It's working in Chrome, @Donatella. Give that a go. If you don't have Chrome on your iPhone, you need that anyway. Security is better than Safari. At least that's what I read recently on Forbes. Edit Um, never mind. I can see the messages, but it wants me to login to discord to participate. Eh...
  9. Watched the four episode UNORTHODOX miniseries on Netflix yesterday and damn, what an engaging and emotional roller coaster. The lead actress had a supporting role on a similar show about orthodox Jews in Israel, also found on Netflix, called Shtisel. (I tried to get into that one, but oi vey, not for me.) Anyway, back to Unorthodox, the acting by the Berlin cast of college friends is spotty, but everyone on the Satma Hassidic end of the story is excellent. The guy who plays Yanky gives one of the best understated performances I've seen in a long time. But the real star is the lead
  10. Krasinski is back at it, now with Robert DeNiro dong the weather. 10/10 feels.
  11. I'm seriously trying to wean myself off of Legends. I've just already got so many and so little display room. It's getting outta hand over here. These newer waves are making it easier to pass on stuff. I'm gonna need AOA Darkbeast, Sunfire, & Apocalypse though. I managed to pass on the FF wave so far--except for Doom & She-Hulk. Ditto for the latest Spidey wave--except for Vulture. And @The NZA, I finally got me a Kingpin! Traded a guy at our second comic-con back in February some LEGO for the complete BAF. So only four new Legends figs acquired in the last three months. Pretty good fo
  12. @Donatella you are in for a treat because prettymuch every show they're putting out there is first class, cream of the crop HBO. (Except for Ballers and anything after S2 of True Blood. Ha!) @alive she cried Iannucci left VEEP a few seasons before it finished, but the cast was so damn solid that the show did not lose a beat. He's got a new show on HBO that wrapped up S1 called Avenue 5. It's similar to VEEP in that it's mostly about people, and especially people in authority, being dumb and behaving poorly. Just this time it's set in a future sci-fi world instead of politics, and t
  13. The campaign manager seemed mostly normal, but he became suspect for me when he started talking out of both sides of his mouth about Joe. Like 95% of the people interviewed he was lying on screen. Travis, yeah, that's another story. He's a tough one for me to classify as a "bad guy," too. But much like the campaign manager, he had some dubious actions that make it hard for me to firmly put him in the "good guy" category. Travis'death was certainly tragic. His funeral and memorial service were almost equally as tragic. However, he was an adult (granted, a young one) who made lifesty
  14. Legion S3 actually wrapped up in 2019. I just wasn't able to watch it until it hit Hulu last month.
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