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  1. Surprised there hasn't been more talk about James Gunn's Suicide Squad (which was fantastic). This show is shaping up pretty great too. First episode is fun!
  2. I just want to a say that I love season 4 and the new villain.
  3. We gonna talk about how this thread is nearly 20 years old, or nah. I just didn't realize Hondo's has been around that long, that's pretty awesome!
  4. This might be my favorite of the Disney+ Marvel shows. I like seeing Hawkeye getting more characterization, Kate is awesome and I'm excited to see her in action in a proper Avengers movie. Plus episode 5 guys. They're doing a thing, a pretty cool thing.
  5. https://youtube.com/c/TheDungeonSynthArchives Dungeon Synth has a great, dark feel to it. Also, Dino Synth!
  6. Love me some Cobra Kai. Cheesy as fuck, and has some legit action sequences. Just a ton of fun. Can't wait for the next season.
  7. I'm ashamed to say I had to drop the patreon for a little while, but Im happy to jump back on now that I'm back on at work full time. I have suggestions, but they are more of the dreamier, in a perfect world, lets all do creative stuff suggestions that I dunno how helpful they'd be lol
  8. Oh man it can't be worse than The Predator trying to steal autistic DNA.
  9. Snagged this for ps4 as soon as I saw it pop up! Finally played it and couldnt be happier. Such a gruesome and seriously creepy game. Hoping to see the rest of the series turn up to play those.
  10. I dunno if it's viable, but a brand new standalone room exclusively for horror content? We've got Sensible Chuckle, perhaps we need a Horror Hole? For creepy memes and pastas? Also just wanted to write Horror Hole. I think it's a good name.
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