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  1. Keth
    Here it is, issue 1! I'm about to try and set up a wordpress for this, and might get out mini chapters more often. Do the webcomic thing. It's not perfect of course, pretty rough, but it's a really fun learning experience. I'm hoping to make it fun and entertaining, while improving on it with each time I work on it. By the end it'll be Alex Ross levels of art with Alan Moore pages of dialogue.
    Anyway, hope y'all like it! Suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome.


  2. Keth
    Have been slacking here since I've been messing with that comic stuff. Here's a few things I've done in between writing and drawing that!


    Just did these tonight:

  3. Keth
    Probably gonna go back and clean it up (a little). Make the art a little more consistent. That's one of my biggest weaknesses I think, making faces look the same panel to panel. But, I don't think it's too bad up there. I also simplified the dialogue to give it less exposition. There's gonna be plenty of time later to explain what's going on here. Thoughts? 
  4. Keth
    Here's a little preview of what I've got so far. I'm having fun. It's not perfect (nor will it be) but I've got a solid start so far. If y'all are interested, here is my script for issue 1. Note: I have no script writing experience, so I have no idea if that's as long as it should be, or if it's enough to crank out 20 or so pages for a starter. And it will be tweaked as I draw and place everything. Hell it's already been tweaked a little bit. More to come soon!

  5. Keth
    I'm just gonna get right into it!
    So, it's kinda cheesy, but I bought a sketch pad just for jotting down ideas in when I think them up.

    I'm thinking of this project less like a comic book, and more like a video game. I'm giving the characters bosses to fight, and upgrades to receive.
    The Kailo Family (Kailo is an indo-european root that means whole/safe/uninjured)
    Shrike Kailo-

    She's blind! And a genius! And uses a whip! Daredevil meets Batman, but not as overly serious. That's one of my goals here. To make things super fun. That's not to say I want to undercut alot of tension with jokes a la Guardians of the Galaxy, but I don't want these characters to be humorless shells either. She constructed her mask in order to see. Being infused with mana, the lenses use the magic in order to give her sight. This is dangerous however as the magic is strong. She not only can see, she can also see beyond our world. The longer she keeps that mask on, the more likely she is to be noticed by the inhabitants of the other dimension. Her weapon of choice is a mana infused whip. She's coming along nicely.
    **Name Note: Shrike is named for the bird of the same name. Shrikes are small, carnivorous birds that are known for impaling their victims on thorns or spikes then eating their entrails.

    Took Kailo

    He's the one that started this all. Before I even made them connected or gave them names. Took is Shrike's younger brother. He was kidnapped by a group of cultists, experimented on, and gained a host of magical abilities. One problem: He's addicted to mana now. If he goes without injecting himself with a magical serum, he goes through violent withdrawals. Violent as in, he may literally self destruct. A daily dosage of M keep his powers at bay. Took's magical abilities include telekinesis, chromakinesis (color manipulation), and dimensional ripping (One of his most powerful and dangerous powers).
    **Name Note: Took is named after the Toucan.
    Vultch Kailo

    He's insane, undead, and a grandfather. Vultch is the father to Shrike and Took's mother. Having died young (when the siblings' mom was still a child), he doesn't appear much older than his grandkids... at least he wouldn't if he hadn't already spent decades rotting away inside of his casket. After a vat of mana is accidentally dumped on his gravesite, Vultch is resurrected. And also half decayed. If the damage to his brain isn't bad enough, Vultch spends another ten years trapped underground. Unaware of how he has woken back up his mind slips into madness. Fortunately for him a couple of grave robbers were unlucky enough to dig him out. Despite his frail appearance, Vultch is empowered by his newfound life. So he kills the grave robbers. Maybe he takes a couple bite out of them. (Just a couple though) and tracks down his family. Vultch has a trick pistol called Talon, which, in a pinch, can come apart to form double daggers for close range combat.
    **Name Note: Vultch is names after the vulture.
     So what makes the Kailos so special? How come Vultch was the only dead person to be brought back in that cemetary? It's in their blood. They don't dress like Plague Doctors for now reason. The Kailos are from a long line of special Plague Doctors. The Immune. Kailo blood is immune to every disease known to man. They treat it, and make cures for other people around the world. They try to keep their presence low key though. There are some small villages where they are a household name, however the world at large is unaware of their existence, and the existence of their gift. That is except one man, who gains a deadly obsession for the family (more on that soon).
    The immune blood is what causes Vultch to reanimate and Took to bond with magic so hard. However, Shrike was unlucky. Every few generations, a member is born that isn't immune to everything. Usually it's small. Bad allergies, a harsher cold every now and then. Shrike unfortunately was born with severe blindness.
    Mother Kailo-

    So Rave is my big bad (at least for this arc. More later). I originally wanted him to look more like the sketches I have in the book (see above). I opted for something a bit simpler, more composed, and when I add more touches, much more sinister. Rave is a failed Plague Doctor. Originally though he was quite gifted. He's been able to cure many patients, and gained many customer. However, as clients became fewer and fewer, he grew frustrated. He knew he was good, but not THAT good. Somebody else was curing these people. And permanently. Eventually he learns of the Kailo family, and their blood. Instead of anger though, or jealousy, he comes to admire them. More than that, worship them. Rave remembers why he became a doctor in the first place. Not to cure patients, but to eradicate disease. Rave then goes on a mad crusade. First he self infects himselft with every known disease, little by little. Immunizing himself. Forcing his blood to react in a manner similar to Kailo blood. This leaves him horribly scarred from countless diseases, but he manages to find cures for them all, specialized to work just for him.
    Rave then begins to gain followers. He doesn't keep his newfound immunity a secret like our family does. Instead he uses it to show others this power. If he can be worshiped as he worships the Kailos, then he will be that much more powerful. Rave begins to research magic. Infecting himself. Gaining similar abilities to Took. He discovers the other dimension at this point, where a host of other monstrosities exist. These monstrosities are also carriers of some of the most deadly diseases known to man. And this is when he has an epiphany: If man didn't exists, neither would disease. The ultimate cure. (I know, tropey as fuck, but it's fun to me). And if anyone happens to survive and onslaught of these diseases, then that means they are worthy to live in this new world. He begins to enlist some of the most powerful creatures to inhabit the other dimension, The Incurables. (Need a name for the dimension).
    This is where Rave creates, what he calls, The Conspiracy.
    (A Conspiracy is a group of Ravens. Like Murder of crows. GET IT? I'M REALLY CLEVER)
    Aaaaand that's where I'm at here. I think I have a solid foundation, I just need to figure out the fine print. I've even got a whole other arc involving Witch Doctors in insect masks. I hope y'all have some fun here, cause this is a blast for me to think all this up!
  6. Keth
    I haven't been as busy as I would like, but I've whipped up some cool stuff.

    Miguel from Coco and Kubo from Kubo and the Two Strings. Coco gave off alot of Kubo vibes and I thought this crossover was pretty natural. I really wanna add color soon.

    I've been wanting to do a Krampus piece for awhile. I'll probably do more in a different style at some point. Not my favorite, but it was fun.
    An lastly I've been fleshing out my plague doctor characters. I've got a title for a hypothetical story, simply called "Plagued". And now I have names for the characters themselves.



    Gonna add more to them at some point too. They are alot of fun to draw and think up backstory to.
    That's this weeks. Stay tuned for more!
  7. Keth
    I never said I would be regular with these things. Let's get to it. 

    This was a collaboration Katherine (my wife) and I did together. Mine's on the left, hers on the right. Lotta fun!

    This was another one I followed along with Bob Ross with. So much fun and so relaxing. They come out better than I think they will. 

    Good Ol' Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. Quite possibly becoming the best character on the show in S2. 

    Other Mother from Coraline. I used an old sketch I did as the template and reworked it for this. 

    Weird monster thing. I'm gonna add to this later. It's coming out pretty freaky so far. 

    Another work in progress and another Stranger Things piece. Doing my own version of the 3 wolf moon for this one, but with worried Joyce Byers. 

    This one i just combined three plague doctor heroes I had worked on before into one pic. I wanna expand on this alot more and create new characters. 

    And lastly a quick Kubo drawing. 
    That's this weeks dump. Gimme more ideas people!
  8. Keth
    Alright, so I'm gonna start a weekly post of the stuff I've been working on. Right now I'm going to do some back posts. Not everything will be recent, but it'll be things that I've worked on the past month (that isn't Inktober of course. )

    So this first one is my take on Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX. The design is inspired by Gertrude, the protagonist of Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland which has quickly become my new favorite comic book.

    There she is. I even had Eiko's Moogle sidekick, Mog, serve as a stand in for Larry the fly. 

    I did a Nightcrawler for Inktober that I kind of liked so I colored him in. I gave him purple skin instead of blue... just cause I like purple and it still looks good on Kurt. Shadows have always been a tough spot for me. Sometimes I can hit the right notes and it comes out looking great, other times it just doesn't look quite right. Like the shadow style doesn't fit the actual illustration. I've been practicing using a sharper, more shapely shadow method instead of the blending and blurring colors I usually do. 

    Here I just wanted to draw Willem Dafoe as Carnage. Despite the actor already playing Norman Osborne, I'd love to see him come back in the MCU as Cletus Kasady. Until then I'm settling on my fan casting. 

    After seeing Thor Ragnarok I really wanted to do some work on that. That's how my brain works. If I like something alot then I usually want to pay tribute to it immediately. Hela was really awesome in the movie and I loved her look and personality. The first pic I just did a trace over a still from the movie. The second one I wanted to make it more toonish. Still not done with that one. Gotta get that notorious shading in there. 

    Lastly is a landscape I just finished while watching Bob Ross. I've been wanting to paint along with him for a while. Mine came out quite different from his, but I really like it. It was a really relaxing experience and will definitely do this more often. 
    There's one week of artwork! Would love to hear requests or suggestions if you have them . 
  9. Keth
    So those of you on my FB or that follow on Instagram know I've been doing Inktober this year. Inktober, for those that don't know, is a daily drawing challenge where each day you are prompted with a different word and draw something based on that word. Here are my entries!
    1. Swift

    2. Divided

    3. Poison

    4. Underwater

    5. Long

    6. Sword

    7. Shy

    8. Crooked

    9. Screech

    10. Gigantic

    11. Run

    12. Shattered

    13. Teeming

    14. Fierce

    15. Mysterious

    16. Fat

    17. Graceful

    18. Filthy

    19. Cloud

    20. Deep

    21. Furious

    22. Trail

    23. Juicy

    24. Blind

    25. Ship

    26. Squeak

    27. Climb

    28. Fall

    29. United

    30. Found

    31. Mask
    So I did two for this one. I had two ideas and needed to get them both out

    And, well, there it is.
  10. Keth
    Making progress guys. I get discouraged sometimes because it feels like I'm moving at a snails pace. Only getting a panel or two done a day, but I have to remind myself that this is all new to me, I'm one persona and still learning. 
    Also we are saving up to get a couple of MS Surface Pro tablets, and when we get those, man shit's gonna get real. Anyway here's the exclusive Hondo's preview for today. (Ok not exclusive, cause I'm posting this shit everywhere else.)


    I really ended up liking these panels. (Spoiler: This guy doesn't last long!)
    Short and sweet this time. Gonna keep trucking, hope y'all are digging these! I'm still having fun here. 
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