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  1. Guess I better finally watch this movie properly.
  2. Gunship is bad fucking ass.
  3. I ain't about to dissect this into subgenres. Just gimme dat W A V E
  4. 2019 was the year of Synthwave for me and I listened to it almost exclusively when drawing or driving around. Post your faves, I still wanna discover more of it.
  5. To get hedges you have to do the special nature tasks for nook miles (it should be the first task on the list thats green) go talk to nook in the center and he should give your the recipe for hedges! We need to show off more pics of our islands. I wanna see what everyone is doing with their's.
  6. Just watched the Dead Don't Die. Pretty disappointing. The trailer was incredibly misleading, but it was a Jim Jarmusch movie and I don't know what I expected. It has it's moments, but they are few and far between.
  7. I watched Threads last night. It fucked me up.
  8. Ok so, I just kinda want to talk about the shit I liked and didn't like in this game. I'll post some non spoilery stuff, and then tag the major plot stuff. Cause it's hard to talk about it without giving away too much. Not about the original. Everyone here should know Cloud dresses up in drag, and that Aerith dies halfway through the original game etc etc. But there are some pretty big.... surprises in this game. That shouldn't even be a spoiler because the sheer fact that this game even exists is a fucking surprise at this point! Anyway here's some of my random thoughts. I don't mean to post
  9. I'm watching the credits roll now. I have.... thoughts. Not bad ones really. But it's a Nomura game.... Dude likes to be as out there as Kojima sometimes it seems. I'll come back with spoiler tags and whatnot when I can process it more. Initially thought though? Damn that was good, and I can't wait for the rest.
  10. This has Metal Gear levels of insanity in it and I love it. Its gonna suck finishing this and having to wait until the next two games.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/09/entertainment/tiger-king-and-i-joel-mchale-trnd/index.html Bonus episode airs on the 12th. Its an aftershow hosted by Joel McHale. I dunno, it looks like it's in really bad taste. Maybe I'm just being sensitive though. And, aside from pretty much just Community, I'm just not a Joel McHale fan at all.
  12. Seriously though, I liked that movie a lot. It's got some Blair Witch and Evil Dead vibes. It creeped under my skin a bit and is staying with me. Its on Prime for anyone with it. It was a fun little surprise.
  13. Ok... I know what you're thinking...
  14. I'm in the middle of this and it is pretty, pretty, pretty, creepy. Antrum is supposedly a lost film from the 70s and has one of those "if you watch it you die" curses. It's pretty gimmicky, but once it starts moving you get past that pretty quick. It's messing with me a little bit. It's got some genuinely disturbing moments, and some rewatch value for hidden symbols and background stuff going on. I have 30 minutes left, but wanted to post some thoughts before I forget. Will come back once it's over.
  15. I like that controller alot for some reason. It's got a switch pro shape to it.
  16. Someone turned their island into Hyrule from Link to the Past https://imgur.com/a/puWsOEf
  17. I've been saying this deserves a second season. There is no way that they covered everything. And I'm just as interested in getting deeper dives into Carole and Bhagavan Soulpatch's stories.
  18. Bunny day is a fucking scam. Also, just so everyone knows, Golden items DO NOT LAST FOREVER. They break too. It's honestly almost enough for me to leave the game alone now. Cause like, why? *This post brought to you by a man at peak cynicism*
  19. I joined the AC discord and there is a whole stalk market chat and I traded 3 gold nuggets and sold my turnips for a cool 1.9 mil. And its nearly gone already ha! Going spider hunting tonight.
  20. Turnip prices people! I bought mine at 93 bells. Today they are selling for 55 bells in my town. Anyone got anything better?
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