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  1. I heard an interesting take in that, Joe Exotic, while a piece of shit, gave a bunch of ex cons and misfits a place in the world. And that a silver lining is that, at least for a time, he truly cared about these people, and the animals at one point. The documentary really chronicles how this man falls apart over the course of human greed and various setbacks and tragedies. I kinda think Carole Baskin was the worst one of the bunch here. And they all had this weird cult mentality.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/ACTownThemes/ Here's a good list of town tunes, I'm sure there are better ones out there though. I have the Chocobo theme as mine right now. Has anyone found a Gyroid yet? I don't think they are in this game, and I'm gonna be bummed if we don't get them.
  3. Hit them rocks with an axe, and use 2000 nookie points for an island pass, for more rocks.
  4. Cant wait for this. I didnt care much for part 2. But I'm hoping we get X on the switch though.
  5. Post more house pics! Nook is bleeding me dry. Making bells is a bitch right now. Anyone got any more leads? I keep island hopping and hope to find different fruits. But do they just default to your default? Also post your fruits! I have oranges.
  6. Yes, holy shit its amazing. Last Podcast on the Left talked about this guy a few times. But they only mentioned him, and his rival. I didnt know about all these other crazy fucks! The polygamist dude with the soul patch is one of the craziest looking people I've ever seen. And when I initially heard of the woman who "rescues" tigers, I just assumed she was trying to get his zoo shut down. I didnt realize she was just on the other side of the same coin. This is some Game of Thrones shit.
  7. Goddamn I hate turnips. Im hoping that beetles can yield some good gains. I planted some coconut trees to house them once they are up (Though I think they are a summer bug. We'll see). And Ive been planting money trees. I've been blowing my cash on wallpapers, flooring and clothes. I need more bag space dammit!
  8. Buy an island pass for 2000 nook miles! You can get a shitload of good materials. Plus a shovel early. And build new ones there to keep! If I read your entire post above I woulda read this.
  9. HOO BOY Knee deep into AC: New Horizons right now. I'm seriously thinking about buying Doom Eternal because it looks fucking amazing. FF7 is a guaranteed buy from me. But what's this right in the fucking middle of it all? Persona 5: Royal. I'm not making this thread to make light of the current state of the world. It's ugly and it sucks. But our free time is expanding it seems, and I thought this would be a good time to share some positives. What are y'all playing or plan on playing? I'M TALKIN TO YOU STILLY. How is Doom Eternal?
  10. FUCK breakable items :lol: Having a blast though. I'm trying sooooo hard not to cheat and time travel. I wanna go legit in this one. Also acpatterns.com has some saucy (very nsfw) designs for download. https://www.thulinma.com/acnl/ And this lets your upload images to convert.
  11. I love how Lovecraftian this season is. This shit is crazy.
  12. All I read was Barbara Broccoli.
  13. Demo is out in case you missed it. And it's really fun. Though, I really hope they fix some of the camera issues. But overall it's fun as hell, and quite challenging too! For me at least. Might just be the new control scheme.
  14. Yeah I hear great things about the manga too. First episode was a nice hook though! There is a lot of anime I think I would like, but so many seem to be doing that awwwful cgi animation a la Berserk and I hate it. It's ok when they only use it a little for flavor like AoT (Vinland does this a bit too). But that weird, Fire Emblem cutscene stuff is terrible.
  15. Cells at Works is basically Osmosis Jones with some Magic School Bus factoids thrown in. Season 1 is on Netflix and its a fucking blast. Also I'm about to get into Vinland Saga. I watched episode 1 and its great also. The animation on both of these is outstanding.
  16. Oh man I really identify with that Hawkman comment.
  17. Oh shit I need those Venomized ones. Also I'd totally get a Wolvy toy if his fucking claws could stay straight.
  18. This movie was so damn good. It has Deadpool vibes. They basically retcon Leto Joker. Some great performances (Macgregor is having a blast and Mary Elizabeth Winstead steals her scenes). And the action is fucking amazing. More people should be seeing this.
  19. I willingly saw Cats a second time tonight. The first time I watched it I took my sister. I told her we were gonna go see this crazy new horror movie. The shock in her face when she finally realized we were seeing Cats was amazing. This film is an experience. Yes it's creepy. Yes it's weird as fuck. And I freaking loved it. I don't expect to sell anyone here on this movie. But if you come from the school of enjoying shit like The Room or just bonkers ass movies then please give this a shot. And I wont even say its like, so bad it's good. That's not it. I honestly don'
  20. I'm two episodes in and it's really fun. It's got a kind of jarring shift in tone depending on which characters it is following, but it is really charming. It reminds me of 90s adventure shows like Hercules and Xena. I think anyone expecting this to be like GoT will be disappointed. Or maybe not depending on why they watched GoT. This show is definitely cornier and isn't afraid of how weird its supposed to be. I'm loving it.
  21. Man this season was much more satisfying than the first. That ending was great and it tied into S1 in a neat way.
  22. Loved 2, especially since I never got to play the OG. Looking forward to this big time.
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