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  1. Shit yeah, I am 100% in for this.
  2. I think maybe the cast was too big? Everyone was fantastic, but didn't get enough time to shine. Chris Evans and Daniel Craig stole the show though. I loved it all the way through myself. I definitely want to see it again. People keep calling it a whodunnit though, but it's more like a howdunnit (I hated typing those words).
  3. Keth


    Venom #20 in a nutshell Damn I love this book. Absolute Carnage just wrapped up too, and it was great fun as well. Its setting up even more craziness though and I can't wait.
  4. I only picked up Alpha cause I'm a big dum dum and didnt realize they were releasing a bunch of books the same day tying into 2099. God forbid that comics be easy to keep up with or anything. I am excited to read this tho.
  5. After the end of season 1 I would have told you to just stay away. But season 2 is so damn good and is tying in with S1 in very cool ways making me reevaluate it. I say give it a go.
  6. Eating my words here after that last episode... Anyone on S2? I love it so far. Lizzy Caplan is fucking killing it.
  7. Keth


    Local 58 is some creepy goods
  8. I'm only like 45 mins in, but considering Bethesda's latest fuckup(s)? They need to be very fucking worried. This game is great. Only thing its missing is a vintage soundtrack.
  9. This was fantastic. Not needed, but much appreciated. It felt like a long episode which is really what I was hoping for and doesn't do anything to tarnish the ending. Don't go in expecting any mindblowing revelations or twists.
  10. I dunno if anyone here is a Ska fan. I'm really not... don't hate it, just kinda indifferent to it. It's a strange genre I don't click with... but I like this dude. He's talented as hell, and that's just a great channel name. Spoilered, cause this page is vid heavy (sorry.)
  11. So I just watched the series finale of this on Netflix. And that was a lot of fun! It seemed a bit rushed, but it was a weird blend of different Bat-genres. Combining elements from everything from the West era, to Burton and Nolan, even the Animated series. I loved the Joker here, and the silliness of the Riddler and Penguin. I kinda wish it got an extra "year one" season. It was neat.
  12. I feel like the Joker only ever works when he doesn't have an origin at all (at least keep it super ambiguous). I need to watch this before i can fully form my opinion, but y'all are just confirming alot of what i originally thought this would be. And I don't feel like spending money on this now even just to waste an afternoon. More than anything it just sounds kinda boring. Still would have loved to see that Azzarello\Bermejo story get an adaptation instead.
  13. Saw that not too long ago. I'd love to start reading this again too. She looks awesome. I'm gonna have to start at a recent arc though cause there is no way i am going way back and catching up on this one, as much as Id like to.
  14. Fuck, the first game is such a different beast than any game they are making now. I totally forget that it was Ubi at all. Damn. We got Rayman Legends at least....
  15. Ubisoft is a huge pile of dog shit. I'm sure there will be tons of crap to talk about, but I kinda just wanted to post this cause it's hilarious: Here is the actual in context quote
  16. So, as of right now I am playing in a new game with a new DM (new to the game and group) that is going.... errrr ok., but it's more fun than not. I'm a little grifter Goblin Warlock in this one. The last one kinda fell apart after our DM got burnt out/pushed to the side by another noob who decided he wanted to DM also/fired from our job for being late all the time. So yeah. I've also started running my own game, which I will be completely honest, is basically the reason why I've sidelined the WW stuff here.... sorry guys. I'm in deep over here and it is a lot. I can't promise when
  17. Jesus. I haven't touched this in a minute, but I might jump back in myself.
  18. This is a whole 30 min music video that is on Netflix coinciding with this musician's album. It's really great and if you like trippy anime-ish action give it a watch. It reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd's The Wall and some of the stuff they were doing in Love Death Robots.
  19. Nice, thanks Haku! The flow from work has been slowing down cause I think people are finally wising up, and getting back a chunk of their money by selling us the codeless discs.
  20. Looks rough, but pretty good for an indie. Just glad to see someone try and give Dead Space some sort of successor.
  21. Do you guys have any recommendations for bases? I have a couple crappy ones. For the most part my figs can stand up fine, but I have a pretty meaty Venom and Carnage that just don't have the footing and would benefit from a decent base.
  22. Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader Batman: Arkham Asylum {Morrison} Watchmen Preacher House of M Black Hole Uzumaki Punisher Kills the Marvel U We3 Pussey! I'll be referring back here for others' recommendations. Some honorables include Donny Cates' go around on Venom. Berserk is up there also. Walking Dead deserves some love too for basically being my gateway drug. And being pretty damn good for a really long time.
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