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  1. A murder mystery from the director of The Best Star Wars movie should be fun.
  2. Holy shit... the redownload just waitin on it like
  3. Has anyone been watching this? It's really great with an amazing voice cast, especially the Skeksis actors which include Mark Hamill and Simon Pegg. It looks gorgeous as hell with the effects and puppetry being pretty awe inspiring. I've never actually finished the movie, there was something about it that I just didn't connect with, but this series has me really eager to go back and finish it.
  4. A lot of people really hate Nintendo. That's really the best guess I have. You've got those folks that are still salty over Bayonetta, and then just those HaRdcOrE GamErSSSSS that hate anything resembling a cartoon. I work with a guy that refused to get a Switch for a long time because "all they make are children's games". Also I'm watching the Direct from today. So many goodies! Deadly Premonition 2 and Super Nintendo Games are my biggest takeaways here. XenoBlade Chronicles definitive looks pretty too! Fingers crossed for
  5. Oh man both of you are in for a treat. Frankenstein is amazing. Tomie had a couple of her stories done in the Junji Ito Collection. It may be on crunchyroll, but i watched it on funimation.
  6. Hoping the animation is better than the Junji Ito Collection. Which I didn't hate, but it lost so much. This is looking to keep the BnW aesthetic too. Either way I'm excited!
  7. I'm waiting on my shop to get second printings of issue 2 of both of these. They were put for some reason when I went in for it. But I snagged #3 of Powers and House. Will catch up soon.
  8. Re Seperation Anxiety: Its a new thing where the Symbiotes from the old story get Spiraled and it basically becomes an alien texas chainsaw family horror show. That's another thing I'm loving is how... juicy everything is. Seriously, these have the most gore I've seen in Marvel stories before.
  9. Absolute Carnage 2 and sidebooks:
  10. That doesn't necessarily mean it couldnt happen then yeah? Having it be a prequel (midquel?) would make it even more of a surprise. Especially if it does well, you can't make a franchise out of a dead character.
  11. I'm predicting alt timeline Widow and that it isnt revealed until an end credits scene. Someone snatches her and bringa her back to the present timeline.
  12. I'm surprised I couldn't find a thread on this. The movie is so damn good, and the show might even be better. Just finished the first season on Hulu and it's one of the funniest things I've ever watched.
  13. Keth

    No Man's Sky

    I haven't found out how yet, but you can apparently mount animals now, so that immediately bumps it up to GOOD in my book. I'm starting a new game to fully see the new stuff from the beginning.
  14. MMMMMMICHAEL! One second you guys I gotta save the Grand Canyon
  15. Keth

    No Man's Sky

    Im excited to try Beyond. I really liked the last big update when I jumped back in for a bit. Im hoping for more fauna variations over floral. But just more planet varieties in general are welcome. I wish they would add more quality of life stuff like faster farming or something. I get its supposed to be immersive, but farming to supply your farming equipment gets old. Any tips on that front that may have been added? I know there are a few gadgets that help make that less of a pain. Either way Imma jump on this later and give it another go.
  16. Tsk. 14 mins man? I don't know...
  17. Yeah, I've been with Cates' Venom since #1 and haven't missed an issue. I love what he has done with both Eddie and the Symbiote character-wise. I feel like they have more depth than ever. Broken Eddie is someone you are really rooting for. So on that front it's all great and I'm interested to see how much more of that ties into Absolute. As for the event itself, it really benefits to read a lot of the lead ups (Cult of Carnage especially sets the stage. And the last one featuring Mania has some really cool stuff.) I gotta hit the shop today for the new issues, but I'm loving all o
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