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  1. Saw this last night and I really enjoyed it! The overall plot is kinda flimsy and dumb, but the horror sequences, creatures and over vibe of the movie was great. Its a nostalgie trip for anyone who read the books and there are lots of nods to different stories. A great movie to get into the Halloween spirit, even if it was eeleased a month too early.
  2. I guess everyone forgot about George Takei's harassment stuff/nothing came of it? Season one was fantastic and very satisfying. Slow, but never uninteresting. This one looks to focus alot more on the supernatural stuff. Looks like cool stuff.
  3. Did a light search for this, but couldn't find anything. Thought it would be cool to have a catch all for game graphics, shots we find particularly pretty, bad graphics, old and new school appreciation etc. Right now I wanted to post this thing, which looks pretty neat.
  4. A nice batch came into work. Just added Hellboy, Battle Angel Alita, LEGO movie 2, and Shazam.
  5. ^See, yeah, I've read both House and Powers, and all I can think of is that this all sounds familiar. When I'm not utterly confused about what's happening here (I thought, big X event, relaunch, must be easy to jump into right?), I'm figuring out what the big revolutionary thing they are doing for the X-men here. Is Xavier evil? Is this House of M alt-reality? All a dream? If its all real and actually gonna stick, then yeah this is all pretty cool, but this is just feeling like... disposable plot I guess? I dunno, I may be off base, or asking the wrong questions. I don'
  6. It's weird, cause the Manson stuff (aside from Brad Pitt) is the best thing about the movie. It's the stuff you come to see, and he does deliver on it fairly well. It's just present enough to be engaging, but just absent enough keep it from being handled incorrectly. I was afraid he was going to glorify it somehow, but he does the exact opposite. I wouldn't be too worried about that part of the film.
  7. As time went on my expectations kinda dropped for this. I'm glad I lowered them because I didn't like this very much at all. Dicaprio is good. Brad Pitt is fantastic. There is no real story or plot. It has a sort of creepy vibe throughout the movie. Some parts intentional, but others not. Its pretty boring. I dunno. I had low expectations, but since its Tarantino I was still disappointed. I may like it more on a second viewing though.
  8. Bumblebee is now on the shared Vudu acct. I watched it tonight with Katherine and it is quite good. It doesn't really have anything to do with the other Transformers films aside from the characters. The characters are likable, the action is very solid. You can actually tell what's happening, and the robot punches have a real impact to them instead of seeming like they are hitting a pile of loosely connected legos. It's basically E.T. with a Transformer. I hope it bodes well for the franchise, because I really want to like Transformers.
  9. Snagged this new controller for the switch. Pro-shaped. Wired, but comes with a headphone outlet which is great. It will allow me to play the switch on the tv whenever Katherine goes to bed (I know, handhels, but I really dont enjoy handheld as much). Plus this was only 25 bucks, and officially licensed. Not a bad deal!
  10. Taskmaster! And he looks terrible! Still, glad to see a cool villain in this. Also hoping they pull some post credits, timehopping shenanigans to right some wrongs.
  11. I hope we get a Ben Kingsley Trevor cameo then.
  12. Shudder is a really great streaming service. Cheap, and I've watched lots of cool stuff on there. I'm looking forward to this.
  13. Weird ass timeline to be in where the next Thor is one of the most exciting Marvel movies to look forward to.
  14. That was it! It cut off just at the right moment before the credits start haha.
  15. Man, Ari Aster sure does like having people wail inhumanly. This movie was 2 and 1\2 hrs long. I suggest renting it. Not bad, but it drags and gets to a point of frustration, for me at least. Alot of it is great though.
  16. Final season next year! Time to catch up if you haven't already. It's damn good stuff.
  17. This thread gives me a simultaneous fit of hope and anxiety
  18. I'm hearing such good things about this.
  19. Cadence of Hyrule has some amazing remixes.
  20. We're through the looking glass here people.. or something. Excitement!
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