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  1. Great sound. Particularly like The Model..
  2. Indian Wells, which takes place in California and is one of the biggest tournaments in the Tennis calendar was cancelled this week. Serie A (Italian football national league) have stopped all matches until early April.
  3. True, but I will definitely be reading both. I heard despite being cancelled, Swamp Thing tv series got good reviews.
  4. Three classics. While I do enjoy Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Invisible Sun was MVP on the Ghost In The Machine Album. This is perhaps my favourite of the lot. Copeland penned three underrated gems in my eyes, Does Everyone Stare, Darkness and Miss Gradenko
  5. Soccer. Used to play two to three times a week. Try to get at least one game a week in these days. I'd like to play tennis more, but hard to find a playing partner during winter months.
  6. I really started getting into this band about 3 years ago. They are now my favourite band of all time. Recently attended a tribute band of the group, was fantastic! Curious to get others opinions on the relatively short but huge impact of Sting, Summers and Copeland as a trio.
  7. The Police Boxset. All five albums and a bonus album of rare songs.
  8. Young Fathers - No way. In college writing an assignment, so maybe I should be going with something classical.
  9. The greatest sequel in the history of film? Discuss....... Given my username, it's only fitting I opened this thread.
  10. Proud to say I was a Steve Harrington fan from the very beginning.
  11. The original was a bonafide classic! Downhill since then.
  12. I hope the new series will be in black and white. Monumental act to follow.
  13. I'm always on board for some horror theme scores too. Always have a few thrown in for good measure!
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