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  1. Yeah, the second one is, at the very least, a lot of fun. It's the 3rd one that's trash.
  2. Yup. Movie was cocksucking fantastic.
  3. Does it look that much better? No. Do I really NEED to play this for, probably, the 5th time? No. Am I going to buy this remaster? FUCK YES!
  4. Is it Bollywood? God I hope it's Bollywood.
  5. Been telling Nick: I'm kicking myself for not getting that Marvel Legends Mysterio when I saw it at Walgreens couple months back. Hands down one of the best looking figs I've ever seen. No fucking lie. It was gorgeous. Haven't seen it since and I'm so mad at myself. (I know I could probably get it online, but it's the principal, you know?)
  6. People losing their minds over this reminds me of when Heath Legder was cast as the Joker. I'll admit that even I was skeptical. Then we all know what happened and I tried never to judge a weird casting like that again (I'm sure I've still judged, hence tried). I will reserve judgement until I see dude in action.
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