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  1. sweet baby jesus, would never have guessed any of yall were into skinny puppy. Super neato.... but ohgr ftw.
  2. aye, tis true. I'm working on getting a ps3 going again. I've done a decent amount of reading/watching youtube videos about common problems, and i've taken the broken one I've got apart more than a couple of times ( I think I've got one of the 2 issues resolved, 2nd issue I havn't started with yet). If anybody has questions about their busted ps3, I possibly have solutions.
  3. No clue how many of yall are into the PC scene, but I play the hell out of L4D and can hold my own at TF2. Would be interested in starting a game up assuming I get to be the chick... As for consoles, all we've got is a wii atm(ps3 repair still in progress), but I loves me some mario kart. Also, dunno if anyone is into it, but I've got a nostalgia kick going and need some C&C Generals or Heroes of Might and Magic III lovin.
  4. Dethklok and Mastodon will be at the house of blues in dallas on nov. 11. Money for the tickets/deth vinyl is enough to motivate me to turning tricks in an alley. I love being motivated.... i love being motivated... I LOVE BEING MOTIVATED.
  5. w00t w00t! good to know. Hondos is currently saving me from doing my emag homework. fcking emag....

  6. Hondos is such a magical place. I've made friendships here that I wouldn't trade for the world! There's a forum for ANYTHING, so you never have to go quiet or bored, haha. <3

  7. Thanks for the welcome! Will look through the faq and get a new post going.

  8. hey, welcome on in! more texans = awesome. read the F.A.Q., introduce yourself in town square, and make yourself at home, man!

  9. Howdy Howdy! Thanks. Glad to have joined up, seems like an interesting group of peoples on here.

  10. Welcome to the boards!!!

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