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  1. I'll probably pick one up. PC gaming being on PC is my biggest hindrance to getting to my steam back log. Working at my desk 8+ hours a day, plus podcasting etc I find myself not wanting to sit BACK down at a desk when I get home.
  2. Powerhouse Animation: "fuck simon belmont".
  3. Casting has all been really fantastic so far. Too bad people on twitter are like. *harble garble but death can't be BLAAAAAAAAACKKKK garble*
  4. I've just embraced the whole, not guessing what they are doing with everything and am just enjoying the ride.
  5. Boo. It was such a good show. Worth a watch.
  6. So uh. Anyone finish this? I mean it was really good and then the ending got...weird? I didn't expect them to stick the landing but still.
  7. I guess I'm the asshole for saying that I really liked tlou2, that i feel like it was a complete story and while there were points where it dragged i saw where the vision for it was going and I think they did a good job with what they were given.
  8. A friend of mine said that its taken from the creators actual podcast interviews. So that checks out.
  9. way to sell me a console, Sony
  10. Most of that conf was a joke. Made up of trailers from games that have been coming to steam for a while. All that trailer showed me is that ill be able to play bloodlines 2 on my PC with a controller.
  11. Thats the quality content we need right now
  12. Most writers: I don't know how to justify the fact that Lovecraft was a racist. Peele: Hold my beer.
  13. Gunship. Gunship. Gunship.
  14. Watched the trailer. It looks fucking weird.
  15. She's talented, and her brothers solo work he's been putting out recently is pretty good too actually. Fun fact, her mom is a voice actor and has been in stuff like Mass Effect, Bloodlines etc.
  16. Obviously they dress him up like his CV judgement version.
  17. I was actually surprised there was not a DMC tease in... *that one episode*
  18. Binged it. ...there are no good people in that story.
  19. AC. Fire Emblem 2nd playthrough, PSO2, Plague INC. (lel)
  20. I've got like 2 copies of that sitting around somewhere collecting dust XD
  21. Other rumors are saying Sony wants to flat out buy Silent Hill and Castlevania from Konami.
  22. Yeah they are setting up some large scale GoT stuff
  23. Loving the idea, and yeah i'd lose my shit if true - but this is kinda one of those...I don't want to get hyped for clickbait articles. Cite me some sources or just come out with the news then i'll fucking SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS HOW PUMPED I AM. ...but don't play with my heart.
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