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  1. You're still not letting on that I knocked you up...right?

  2. German herpes.

  3. Time to head to the Devils Carnival! Lets see if it's as good as REPO!

  4. Sir, thank you again for The Witcher. <3

  5. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I told NZA we need to get on and play sometime.

  6. We gotta get you in on the Wataburger game. It's where my friend Joe and I will txt each other with something random, followed by "WHATABURGER", only really funny if you've seen the commercials. Ex: "Last night after ejaculating on my sisters pillow I cried myself to sleep....WHATABURGER!"

  7. <3. That is all.

  8. Currently waiting for Panch. It's like waiting for Godot, except this Godot mows your lawn.

    1. Master Star

      Master Star

      It seems like you'll be waiting for a bit...

  9. hey stranger, just giving you a poke that I went ahead and re answered your question in the booze thread, I finally caught what you were asking once I sobered up XD

  10. I've got vampire redemption on my gog.com account if you want it. I know it's not bloodlines but I always enjoyed it.

  11. The Red Wings lost. My hockey season is over.

  12. I love you for refing Elric in your video. <3

  13. I ended up tweeting your Bin Laden PSN quote. Credit where credit is due, that shit was funny.

  14. Yep, knew getting MH Tri was a bad idea. Good bye sleep.

  15. Really like tacos is an understatement. They are a way of life.

  16. I kinda want a taco right now.

  17. Halloween man, that week consumes my life. I'm back now baby!

  18. p.s: Mad love for the FF Adventure link. That and like Metroid 2 were two of my most played GB games.

  19. You said I can carry over from MHF2 to Unite yes? We're getting ready to fight Akantor here soon hopefully.

  20. Yes you get a cookie, yay for you finally joining.

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