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  1. So for those of you new to Bindy's world, for a long time I spent a lot of time in the world of darkness. From about 16-30ish I played in and later ran VtM LARPS. (Apparently larping is the one thing that even nerds will make fun of, but fuck you). I am a huge dork for the world of darkness. ..I hated their last iteration of the world and refused to play it. About 5ish years ago, I was covering a con in H-town, and I ended up getting wrecked with this random Swedish dude who was there for the Battlestar Galactica part of the con. He was also a hardcore VtM fan that was
  2. Straight to dvd. hm. Might watch if i get trashed enough.
  3. We did that...in the same issue we printed anti-Semitic stuff about Kitty Pride. It was a great issue for everyone.
  4. Update: Just read Uncanny 11 and 12 over lunch. God damn.
  5. I'm kinda in the same boat. Age of X-man is a really cool concept that I'm not loving the execution on. I am digging on uncanny.
  6. Welp, looks like they are re imagining one of my favorite eps - but I still want this to be a mix of re imaginings and new stories.
  7. it really felt longer than an average episode despite being the normal run time. pretty hyped for next week ep though
  8. I need to add you on origin if it didn't connect us via steam already. I haven't settled on a main. I went Gib since I'm a Rein main but I think the games fast pace doesnt really reward his play style.
  9. rofl. my list is pulled from the YT vid way before distribution my mans. And I loved that game as well. I can't even tell you how many hours I wasted away playing that beautiful game.
  10. So my source doesn't have that info yet, but in my years of following industry trends (because I find it fun, fuck me right?) - I'f I'd have to make an educated guess, you'll hear something post Joker release in smash and it will piggyback on the rumors of the additional Persona 5 re-release+extra content that's been talked about here and there. Atlas is most likely putting the final touches on all the Catherine stuff now, and will push out the additional p5 stuff sometime after.
  11. Honestly, I can't wait to see what levels get made for GDQ because of it.
  12. Funny title out of the way, one of one of the perks of what I do is that I've made a few contacts over the years who can give me information early. For a year-ish now, I've been getting direct info a little in advance. If you're curious what's going to be announced tomorrow, it'll be in the spoiler tag. Play nice, don't go around screaming about it until tomorrow when they air it, please.
  13. So here's my tinfoil hat theory. Nintendo was hyper focused on making the Switch a success. So they told a team to start working on MP4. Or whatever it was called. Nintendo went back to focusing on the Switch success. Cut to 3 years later, switch is a success. Nintendo goes - ok lets go check in on this metroid thing. ...they were not happy with the results. After the failure of other M, they could not risk having another bad metroid game - especially one on their newest hottest console. Nintendo lives and dies by its exclusives and the Switch hasent hit max saturatio
  14. Finally watched 2 this weekend. It's some of the most beautiful fighting since like...Equilibrium.
  15. ...ill just leave this here. Rob Liefeld Returns to Marvel Comics with 'Major X' The legendary creator introduces an original character with the six-part limited series this April! As revealed today by Entertainment Weekly, this April, Rob Liefeld reenters Mighty Marvel Mutantdom with the six-issue limited series, MAJOR X. The creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and some of the most storied X-Men comics in recent memory returns to the House of Ideas with a character that he's had in mind for over 25 years. And now it's ready to be unleashed. Writing and illustrating issu
  16. Yes the seasons are self contained. I loved the book House of Leaves and S2 has a very House of Leaves vibe to it so ill fucking fight people over it. Overall they are all worth watching since each season is only 6 1-hour episodes.
  17. So I finally got to watch the dream door this week. ...holy fuck shit was this season amazing. It has entire story arcs, a fantastic monster...a straight up 80s vibe (without being stranger things) and a great cast. I don't think I can praise how fucking great this season was. I mean, come on - it's only 6 episodes and they did SO much with those 6 episodes. It makes such great use of the "downtime" between big monster things... Do not sleep on Channel Zero. Seriously.
  18. It makes my heart happy that people are keeping this alive.
  19. Love it. Got the "meta" ending I guess? I haven't looked up the other endings but it was a fun way to spend an evening.
  20. Finally got to see it this weekend. Loved the post credits scene. Def worth watching in theater.
  21. So far the series has been pretty good. I actually like that it focus' on "lesser" x-people - because when the big names are on the page they feel like they have more impact. Sounds like they want to go back to business as usual after this X-man arc is all wrapped up though.
  22. I'm skeptical...mostly of Will Smith.
  23. New stories that will be cancelled in February: The Punisher
  24. Have you read any of his books ON superheroes? According to my Audible, the one I'm specifically talking about is SUPERGODS. It really goes into the mythology of the superhero and if I'm thinking of it right, it goes into his own personal experiences with the occult.
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