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  1. "Immense success" Is that what Gotham is? The internet has been screaming at me that it blows ever since it aired.
  2. Alternative if you just wanna get them on the shelf. If you're feeling craft-y and/or you don't wanna wreck your books http://imgur.com/a/x8wOa?gallery
  3. The X-Men and the FF were not a "major part" of Civil War. I don't think it's completely out of the question that Marvel could work something out with Sony. They seem to have a friendly relationship. Fox, on the other hand...I think they fucking hate those guys. Part of the reason they're killing Wolverine is probably out of spite.
  4. I hope you're not beating yourself up too bad over this. Thank you for all the time, money and effort you put into this place. A full time job and a compulsive video game addiction and you still manage to devote a hefty percentage of your free time to keeping this place afloat. And future me may or may not have sabotaged the backups to erase potentially embarrassing details about my personal life.
  5. Things that should have been in single player: Car tracker (puts a blip on the map when you leave your car) Insurance (replaces your car if it you lose it) Quick GPS shortcuts Functioning real estate website
  6. It works fine on the proper console. Nah, I've frozen up like 3 or 4 times. I blame the launch day blues. 'Baytor, get in on this shit. It's basically another campaign + 4th character. There's fully fleshed out missions and heists, it's just that your character is basically like Claude. A mute who speaks in pantomime. The people I've run into have been harmless, and have only added to the atmosphere. It's amazing, but I haven't been griefed at all. I just now figured out how to turn passive mode on, too. One random stranger even gave me a ride in his nice car while we hit a
  7. If you're a Social Club member, you can be a descendant of John Marston.
  8. Yeah, they call it "passive". It looks like it's basically like unflagging for PvP in WoW. I was reading a Q & A thing, and someone asked "So if another person kills me, does it cost like $5,000 like it does in single player?" (it actually takes a percentage and someone clearly doesn't dump their cash in the market to prevent this from happening, but that's neither here nor there) And, no. No it doesn't. When someone kills you in GTA:O, you drop all of the cash you have on you. But not what you have in the bank. You can then put a bounty on their head, if it pleases you to do
  9. HEY! That's right! You have a xbox, huh? You must get online. You must.
  10. HAAAahahahaha. I <3 you for reminding me of the magic moments of GTA IV launch night. It was all worth it to hear Mort burst into uncontrollable laughter every time someone in front of us bailed.
  11. Naaaaaah, no one in that picture is calling me a faggot.
  12. When you boil it down, I think Michael is the most evil character in the game by far. I think when he met Franklin, he saw something he could use. Frank had already shown that he was naive ("repo" man), money hungry and driven. I think Michael has a history of finding guys like that, getting them to respect and trust him, and then using them to commit incredibly dangerous crimes. I think Trevor may have been a Franklin. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ So this took me a couple of tries to perfect, but it is WELL worth
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