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    this post is either adorable or horrendous. logan warned you.
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  1. How I imagine Logan's face when he silently farts and leaves the room http://i.imgur.com/3NSNACv.gif
  2. (MH here) Logan has houseguests and refuses to go upstairs and sleep in bed and sleep on THE ONLY COMFORTABLE SURFACE IN THE LIVINGROOM - The couch. I'm too old and fat for your floor, mang! When I get home, that is becoming a pic, hahaha. I love you man. And your bad knees.
  3. You also don't like the homestyle bake pasta dishes either.
  4. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=139824713 This kid is a monster.
  5. It was really early. I meant to post in blargh, but my sleepy brain thought here was more appropriate.
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