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  1. For an Example. Playing on my GF's modded server. My starter base
  2. I'm sure most of you are aware this game exists but I wanted to draw attention to it because its far better than I expected. Conan Exiles takes the promise of a game like Ark but with severely reduced jank, much better polish and a level of world building and environmental storytelling/direction that actually makes base building, exploration, and resource gathering worthwhile. If you can get past the latent racism that existed in most 1930s pulp literature (you can tell Howard and Lovecraft chatted) that comes with the Conan universe, the core experience of Conan Exiles is very good. My partne
  3. Misskey is a fediverse tied social app with a highly customizable base. The Hondo's instance doesn't have to be linked up to to other instances unless we want it to be and server admins would have full control. https://join.misskey.page/en/ Functionality-wise It provides a micro-blogging and chat as well as larger scale pages for consistently updated content or generators (can take simple coding). Setup is pretty straight forward.
  4. I'm not a huge fan, the touchpad makes them kind of meh for most twin-stick games like FPS and such. I could see them being alright on traditionally mouse-based games but I don't play a huge number of those and I'm faster with my trackball. I feel like the Steam controller was trying so hard to work for every kind of game it made itself the 2nd or often 4th best option for most. capacitance touchpads as primary interfaces for a gamepad wasn't a great choice.
  5. I was kind of hoping the old look would stick. there's a level of Trash Cinema ther that might have made it worth it. The new look is objectively better but in that loses the trash appeal which means I now have like 0 interest in seeing it (granted the initial interest was the same kind of interest you might have in a Godfrey Ho or Neal Breen movie)
  6. I'm not like 20-30 hours into Outer Worlds and I'm absolutely loving the game. Its so good in so many ways and once you leave the first planet it really opens up with things to do all over the system. Very very fun and with a very accurate depiction of Corporate over-reach.
  7. I thought the soundtrack was fine. Though frankly Outer Worlds is the best game I've played in its genre in a VERY VERY long time. Its better than New Vegas was
  8. Yeah, I've been playing a lot of Destiny 2 and Code Vein lately.
  9. Its published by Nintendo, I wouldn't hold your breath on a price drop
  10. Its on my wishlist but I haven't been able to afford it yet sadly
  11. I feel like the slow plodding reification of Star Wars is killing it. Long running sci-fi and fantasy settings both suffer from this problem, Star Wars is just a particularly high-profile version of it. Every new movie or show that's canon is another thing which all future writers and directors are tied down to and if they deviate too far then they either get punished by the Disney, who wants to sell the nostalgia, or the fans, who reject it as "not their Star Wars". I don't blame directors for not wanting to work on Star Wars after one go. Its got to be a stifling environment.
  12. Disney+ is so conflicting for me. The activist in me doesn't want to give more money to Disney. However, the nostalgic brain wants to see the shows and movies it remembers and new stuff based on those universes. I know there's no ethical consumption under capitalism, however, there are degrees of ethical. Ugh, frustration.
  13. Oh Jim Sterling That said yeah, Ubisoft has been slowly becoming like EA and Konami et al, releasing broken games and trying to shoehorn in micro-transactions and DLC
  14. Its a pretty solid allegory for the liberal/fascist bargain and its impact on disenfranchised out groups
  15. I've never known them to be transphobic. There were some meme references on their twitter which were not inherently transphobic but link back to a transphobic rhetoric of belittling people's gender identities, which, frankly, could simply be a cultural disconnect or as simple as, something said jokingly in the spaces of the person who made the tweet not fairing as well on a global platform. The only other "transphobic" thing I've seen had to do with an in game advertisement in a trailer in Cyberpunk 2077 but frankly, in a setting about the absolute commodification and as a result hypersexualiz
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