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  1. Yo, bro. Still here, just distracted. We should get a poker game going sometime. With booze.

  2. Weekend is here, now it's time for beer.

  3. Yes you get a cookie, yay for you finally joining.

  4. Thanks! Happy to be here.

  5. Welcome to the boards!

  6. Sex Bob-omb songs have been stuck in my head like a hairball in a cat's throat. Only, ya know, enjoyably, not gag-inducing.
  7. I *really* have to pee, but I ain't doing it on my lunch break. Pee time is paid time.

    1. The NZA

      The NZA

      this is like a life philosophy of mine.

  8. Well, I'm here, finally. Do I get a cookie?

  9. hey man, welcome to Hondo's! read the F.A.Q., love it, and introduce yourself in town square when you get a chance.

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