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  1. What is the best dick joke you know?

  2. Liking 2016 so far

  3. Master Star


    No. You cook the shrimp and then I just set it in the fridge. The onions and olive oil and salt and pepper and lime juice go in one bowl. All the other ingredient in another, once all chopping is done, combine the two bowls and tada!
  4. Master Star


    No, its all mixed together.
  5. Master Star


    Shrimp, cilantro, red onion, lime, jalepeƱo, tomato, salt, pepper, olive oil, avocado. Amazeballs. Truly.
  6. So so sad today. I love so much of his music. He is an icon of his time. Edgey and just different. Fuck you Cancer.
  7. On pay day, Taco Bell happens. Then alcohol usually follows. Fuck, I love Taco Bell.
  8. Lemme see what I can do. Otherwise I get paid next Friday and then I am good for donating for sure.
  9. England plays germany for 3rd place tomorrow. US plays Japan on Sunday.
  10. America! Fuck yeah! Rematch! #IBelieveThatWeWillWin Anyone else been watching? Anyone wanna get together to watch the final?
  11. The first time I had my friend show me what it was all about while I hid behind a couch pillow so the weirdos couldn't see me. They should just call it The fapping channel.
  12. I love this comic! The humor is incredibly dark and inappropriate. Not everyone can appreciate it.
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