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  1. I wanna see Total Recall, Dredd, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Hunger Games, The Grey, Brave, Ghost Rider, Chimpanzee, Rock of Ages, Sinister, Paranormal Activity 4, Playing for Keeps, The Hobbit, & Les Mis.
  2. Panch knows my list better than I do, but I have every Grimm Fairy Tales story, or spin off. Witchblade and the Darkness, for sure.
  3. Ok, so this isn't a movie, it's a t.v. show. I've been watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. It's not exactly supposed to be a show about Fables, but from how Panch explained it to me, it was originally supposed to be. I forget what he told me exactly. Anyway, I only read the first two trades of Fables, but this show reminded me A LOT about it. Very similar. Besides that, it's good. Acting is fair. They're airing the second season now. But I'm only halfway through the first. The twist is that no one remembers they are fairy tale characters.
  4. I love having Netflix on my phone and iPad. Very convenient.
  5. I hope they don't make this season totally different than the first. It will be hard to look at the same actors as different characters, if what the gossip of this second season rumors.
  6. Very sad to hear about this. He will definitely be missed.
  7. No. I was thinking of shows I used to watch when I was younger and I was addicted to Clarissa Explains It All.
  8. Panch has a meal tradition that his grandmother makes him whenever he asks for it. Arroz con juevos fritos. (Rice with fried eggs) I've never made it before because my food traditions are very American. Anyway, I attempted it tonight for him. I know it sounds easy, but He's picky with his food. It HAS to be done a certain way. Nevertheless, I over-fried his eggs!!! I know How to make rice so that turned out fine, but it wasn't runny. :( I attempted it again for myself, and wadda ya know....perfection! Except I needed some garlic powder and oregano on mine. At least I know I can cook. He
  9. Cathy

    Taco Bell

    Stop lying, Panch. I call u in because I know u get a kick out of it.
  10. We had so much fun watching this movie at the theater. We couldn't stop laughing. I recommend this movie 100%.
  11. This is the main reason I pay attention to the summer Olympics. The USA gymnastics team usually kicks major ass. I always wanted to be in gymnastics growing up and have watched it every time. It's the only really entertaining aspect of this event to watch. My t.v. will be tuned in all summer.
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