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  1. I think this trailer looks great, and I believe people who disagree are wrong.
  2. What are you talking about? Better Call Saul has already been confirmed by AMC.
  3. I think the red room and the guest stars are the only new elements they've added to the show format, right? I mean, Aisha Tyler is new, but she's not a format element.
  4. How are you liking the cameo guests they bring in who are usually stars in other CW shows? Most don't have improv backgrounds, or even comedy backgrounds. Some get right into the rhythm of the games, but for some it never really clicks.
  5. Yeah, for the first season, they used one animation house to animate everything, Studio Mir. For the second season, they used a second studio, Studio Pierrot, to divide up the work with Studio Mir. Speculation is that issues with the quality of the animation they got from Studio Pierrot lead to it taking they so long to get Book 2 out, and it is reported that they went back to using only Studio Mir for Books 3 and 4. But some of the animation looks really good in the trailer, so I'd say to expect some inconsistency in quality, with some really good looking episodes in the mix.
  6. When you say the very last episode, do you mean the entire 4-part finale, or do you mean you've already seen Sozin's Comet parts 1 through 3? Anyway, I want to hear some of your thoughts. Who were you favorite characters, favorite villains, favorite episodes, favorite scenes? Where you surprised by Zuko in the Book 2 finale? What did you think of the world-building, and how do you think the mythology holds up to other modern mythologies (is it worthy of comparison to fantasy franchises like Star Wars, LotR, Harry Potter, etc)? Anyway, the show is really great, isn't it? The sequel seri
  7. You didn't finish watching it (that's what I took from you saying "got to the earth bender prison and said fuck it"), and you had no affection for the show any of the characters. Anyway, if you are inclined to revisit it after watching the TV series, the Rifftrax would be the way to go.
  8. He watched it in the wrong order. The appropriate order is the Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series first, The Legend of Korra TV series second, then The Last Airbender movie never.
  9. It was me, Panch. I didn't like your joke, I didn't think it was funny. I thought it was dickish. For your future consideration, if someone posts fan art of Don Cheadle as Wolverine, and you replied "Yeah, if it's an X-Monkeys movie," I would also neg that. If some posted an image of Ian McKellan as Wolverine and you replied "Yeah, if it's an X-Faggots movie," I would also neg that. I don't think your joke was funny. So I negged it.
  10. What's the world coming to when you make a joke at the expense of an entire marginalized community, and one person disapproves? That's not America!
  11. It says it comes with 55 hours of special features. Firstly, does that include commentary tracks? If it does, that's an inflated number. Secondly, if not, are those new special features, or did each previous set have about 10 hours of features, and this just collects it all?
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