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  1. So yeah, The Boys the TV show is an improvement on all fronts.
  2. I never made it through the Boys, not first time round, nor when I started re-reading it on my phone after watching the series. Ennis definitely lost his appeal around then. Seems like throughout his career he's had a pixie on each shoulder, one called Bathos and the other Pathos, each whispering in his ear, it seems at some point Bathos bit off Pathos' head and shat down his neck, and that's why we have the Ennis we have today. Preacher (the TV show) was alright, but the comic was great. None of the characters were quite what they were supposed to be, but Jesse himself was the greatest er
  3. Did you ever get the Directors Series DVDs? The Gondry and Spike Jonze ones were like mini parties when you put them on with friends, the Chris Cunningham one, not so much. Hadn't seen that last one before, what the hell was going on there?
  4. I like them, even if they're not his best, though I think the "domestication" one is up there. I don't like the style, don't think colour aides the joke and if it's not hand painted it doesn't add any charm.
  5. There's just a few songs on hear you can listen to for free if you're interested. https://joindansartain.bandcamp.com/album/the-dan-sartain-collection-2000-2020
  6. I've wasted enough time praying to the heavens that a Jurassic Park movie not be shit to accept that it's all in the hands of the gods/ fate/ Mr. DNA to waste my time thinking about this one until it's out, but in if in the case of the miracle/ serendipity/ advantageous mutation of it being actually good, I think we should pretend that it's the close to the trilogy and bury the franchise forever. Imagine a world where we could say The Lost World was the worst Jurassic Park film? Oh, no, I'm dreaming again...
  7. Most of you won't have heard of this guy, but I turned some Hondonians on to his music so I wanted to post about it here. Criminally ignored by the press and the rock scene in life, and only slightly better known in death, Dan Sartain died earlier this year. A true American original, even if made from old parts, I'm grateful not just for his own work but the otherwise forgotten classics he brought to my attention by preaching for his idols and wearing his influences on his sleeves, from the Dead Milkmen to the Geto Boys to Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers. I also had the chance to meet
  8. Do we really need to hide spoilers?
  9. Yeah Snipes needs to back in blockbusters and they'd be hard pressed to replace him. Just take the whole continuity as is, merge it, just don't mention Blade:Trinity.
  10. Shit, no rush like. Good health and everything else to her.
  11. Doesn't work for me on Chrome for Android. Will it ever and is it expected to? Can it be found through Discord and how would you do so? All I'm seeing right now is a grey rectangle.
  12. Is there any reason they can't retcon the entire series into the MCU? I mean, rights, smights, they own everything now, or soon will.
  13. This covers a lot of those issues, and I'm pretty sure it's a primer for the US and new audiences in general. It touches on a few worrying things, like Dredd appearing as a noble oppressor and the Punisher logo turning up actual law enforcement vehicles.
  14. I like the look of it, I like the art style, even the third time round, it's still got some charm and character of it's own. Also, the Simpsons with feels? That used to be called the Simpsons. =[
  15. I personally want to see a sequel, the racist tirade can be incorporated into the character. Just make him racist. ALF in the Family. What would that make him? A racist, pull-the-ladder up person of colour. I'm possibly a little too keen to test the limits of satire, but It's a character type I'm seeing more in daily life, so why not?
  16. New characters please. OK, maybe this statement holds up, but you can at least try, if they let you, if you want to. That's a big if, comic characters have gone on to make billions of dollars for their owners, how many of their creators have really got what they deserved from all that? But they can still try, if they have publishers that allow them. I'm not deep into Marvel mythos (and I think it might be time for DC to go take a dirt nap) but how often do they bring in new characters, and how often do those new characters return? I remember Dust and that birdlike dude
  17. Pierce Brosnan's Irish... Still need to see Skyfall, heard good things. Did they fall into a one good, one shit pattern? Spectre was annoying nonsense, yeah I can take the we do good spying, they want to do bad spying. But MI5 brass effectively forming a Scooby Gang to fix things...er.. and Bond blows up the baddies base with a single bullet was a bit too much when they did it in Quantum of Solace, that shit should take a round of MP5 fire into the glowing bit at the centre of the base. Bond's a spy, Bond's British, Bond's dickish. With so many versions, those are the only real
  18. What's the worst that could happen? But I am also looking forward to the movie where all of the characters get to have a fight.
  19. If they really want to get topical, they can bring in Chief Cal...
  20. So much of the appeal for me, is that Dredd is often the antagonist to far more engaging characters. There's the revolutionary America (her name, taken from the no longer extant country) or Chopper and the other sky surfers, doing what they have to to obtain enough freedom to make life bearable. But for the actually villainous, I really want to see them bring in PJ Maybe, a seeming idiot, but mostly savant who leads a decades long crime spree since childhood. Always being just out of reach of the Justice Department, like a bug that can't be squashed. He plays with ever
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