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  1. Happy Birthday Bob. :)

  2. You're missed around here man. Hope you come back soon.


  4. Why thankyou! I was having a bit of a down week and my other avatars weren't really fitting. But I like it.

  5. I adorwe your new avatar! So simple, yet it stands out like, Warhol. Wether i like it or not i look at it, everytime. Just love it!

  6. HAHA, that is awesome, man. Jess got me one of those for Christmas a few years back. I still like to imagine to look on the poor old woman's face at Things Remembered when she got that message request.
  7. C'mon, man, we'd all like to see Preacher on the screen, but let's look at it realistically. Preacher would basically be the most controversial film/television series of all time. It contains material that is highly offensive to just about any group of people, not to mention being filled to the brim with horrifying graphic violence and ridiculously taboo sex acts. The controversy and protests that sank the box office dreams of The Last Temptation of Christ, Dogma, The Golden Compass, etc would be nothing compared to the outcry that would assault Preacher once word of its subject matter got out
  8. That's exactly the point - a fleshed out protagonist is not necessary for a fine story in a video game. You think Bioshock is a great story because of how you experienced it. You are the fleshed out protagonist and it's your feelings and reactions to the story that make it compelling. That's the way it's meant to be with Half-Life. By having a blank main character, it allows you to project your own feelings onto it. It eliminates the middle-man. You don't need a ton of options like Oblivion or Mass Effect to become the character, you simply need to get into the story and "experience" it first-
  9. Gordon is an avatar. He's just the basic set-up of a character and the player is supposed to fill in the blanks with their own persona. By having a blank character, you experience the plot of the game yourself instead of watching a specific, separate personality experience it (such as in GTAIV or MGS). The same also applies to Samus, Link (who, let's remember, isn't even necessarily named Link), and even characters like Shepherd in Mass Effect - though in that case the effect is done by letting you decide everything instead of giving you a blank slate. When you control Freeman or Link, you are
  10. Where is the avatar/sig from? It looks badass.

  11. man, its so hard for me to keep up with all these hondonian goings-on and shenanigans these days.


  13. I'd love to make a bigger version of the Preachers user bar as a banner. In the meantime, I used to use this as my signature:
  14. What he said about it was that if he made the sequel he wouldn't make it for another decade or so, so that Uma Thurman would be the right age. Anytime I've heard him mention it, he's always said it like "wouldn't this be a cool idea for a sequel?" rather than any actual concrete plans to make one. I'd say the odds of it happening are about as slim as the odds of ever seeing The Vega Brothers onscreen.
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