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  1. Casablanca is far too optimistic to be a noir. One of the defining qualities of film noir is its bleak outlook on life. In a true film noir, the only way the hero can win is simply by surviving to make it to the next day. If he's really lucky, he'll get the girl and he'll bring a couple people to justice. But the decaying society, the corrupt system, the hero can't beat that. Look at the end of LA Confidential, when Exley realizes that he can't stop the corrupt system, but he can join it and lie to get a promotion (and continue to do good work as a cop). At the end of The Big Sleep, Bogey's go
  2. Vertigo is pure noir. The flawed detective hero, the femme fatale, the convoluted crime plot. Of course, Hitchcock elevates it above the genre somewhat, and it isn't always filmed like a noir (except the opening rooftop chase and the hotel room scene with the neon sign lighting) but it's definitely noir. Most director's cuts say that, but in the case of Payback, it's literally true - it's an entirely different film. The entire third act is different material. Characters that were invented for the theatrical cut don't even exist in the director's cut. The climax takes place in a comple
  3. Good noirs: The Maltese Falcon The Big Sleep Double Indemnity (pretty much the definitive noir) Chinatown (the first and still best "neo noir") Brick (it's like Bogey in high school, great study of the genre) The Third Man LA Confidential Key Largo Blood Simple/Miller's Crossing/The Man Who Wasn't There (Coen Brothers' take on noir. For my money, Miller's Crossing is by far the best, but Man captures the cinematography perfectly) Payback (try the director's cut, especially) Sunset Boulevard Touch of Evil (the last great noir of the original classic period, before Chinatown reinv
  4. Yes. Every good zombie team needs somebody that you can trip while running to distract the undead hordes. And of all the famous people I dislike, I think Rush would take the longest to eat.
  5. There's a scary kind of brilliance there. My five: Macguyver Snake Eyes River Tam Clive Owen from The Hire Rush Limbaugh
  6. Could be. Or maybe he meant X-Men Origins, which sounds the closest. Or maybe he didn't like X2 because of its "sometimes we have to work with the terrorists" message. Or for that matter, maybe he didn't like the first film and the fact that it implied that the United Nations is a powerful and important enough organization to warrant a Magneto attack. This is why we have to be specific about what we mean.
  7. So you actually edited your post but still haven't accounted for the fact that X-Men Legends is a videogame. I dunno what X-Men Legends movie you're talking about, but I'll agree that Daredevil is better than whatever it is.
  8. Disney's long-anticipated return to traditional animation is coming at the end of this year. Here's the first trailer. See it in high def here.
  9. Not if they want to use the costume. No one's gonna wear a mask like that when they have a face like Ryan Reynolds. I think a Deadpool movie could work just fine from the end of this one: 1. The experimentation gives them a good reason to use the costume. 2. The reason that Not me, man.
  10. Not serious at all. At least that's how it is on Earthen Ring. A very small fraction of people actually RP, the rest act like any other server. In my experience, there are slightly fewer idiots on an RP server than a normal server...but only slightly.
  11. Nice trailer. I'm looking forward to it. Though I think I'm going to have an easier time believing that a man can turn into a werewolf, than that Anthony Hopkins is Benecio del Toro's father.
  12. It's good stuff, I just wish there were more of it. Hell, I'd like to see these guys take a crack at The Hobbit before the official film comes out.
  13. The Hunt for Gollum I found this today. It's a 35 minute low-budget non-profit fan film that presents a sort of lost chapter from the Lord of the Rings films. The production quality is fantastic, and aside from the occasional spotty (but forgivable considering the budget) cgi, it avoids all of the usual cheese that crops up in even the best fan films. The actors all give good performances and really look the part (unlike all those Star Wars fan films that feature overweight Jedi) - particularly the actor starring as Aragorn. He looks more like Rufus Sewell than Viggo Mortensen, but he nail
  14. Sheesh, you fanboys are harsh. I thought it was a fun movie. Had everything I needed to see in a Wolverine film (though I wouldn't have minded an R rating). Because Native American legends are always zoologically accurate That's just what I've been trying to tell myself.
  15. These aren't the droids you're looking for!
  16. When you talk about "American animation", you kinda have to define exactly what you're talking about. In animation, most of the grunt work for studios (especially those working in television) is handled outside the US. Even shows typically considered American, like the DCU shows or even The Simpsons, are usually animated in Japan or Korea. Disney has animation studios all over the world, in Japan, Australia, France, and many other countries (it used to have a major one here in Orlando but that closed down years ago). They also put together distributing and finance contracts with smaller i
  17. Demetri Martin cracks me up Demetri Martin - Visual Jokes from Demetri Martin Demetri Martin Stand Up Presentation from Demetri Martin
  18. Eh, that can go both ways. It wouldn't shock me if The Wizard of Oz flirted with a PG-13 rating these days, thanks to the scary crap in that. The very reason the PG-13 rating was created was because stuff was being passed off as PG kid-friendly entertainment when it was far too dark for kids (I'm looking at you Gremlins and Temple of Doom) The last three Harry Potter films earned their PG-13 rating with dark imagery and intense situations alone, and this film should up the ante in those departments considerably. Almost by necessity, this movie should have everything that made the last three PG
  19. But the announcement that it wouldn't last beyond the current season happened a good while back. The only ones on the bubble that I'm really really rooting for are Chuck and Castle. I love Scrubs, but I kinda figured this would be the last season anyway, what with all the rumblings. And though I would definitely miss My Name Is Earl, I barely watched any of the last season so I can't really get too mad about it :( Still, like usual, I could pick out a good ten canceled or possibly-canceled shows that deserve to be renewed before the likes of 'Til Death or Two and a Half Men. Oy vey.
  20. Pushing Daisies was canceled sometime last year, I believe, but it still fit into the timeframe of the current list.
  21. Not every book needed it. I actually enjoyed the efficiency of the Order of the Phoenix film (even though it meant going through the plot of the book with a machete) but I think Goblet of Fire could have easily accommodated two films. PS: One thing does have me a little concerned about HBP - apparently, it's rated PG! Considering some of the major shit that goes down in this story, how it managed to get a lesser rating than the last three films is beyond me.
  22. So the major networks are starting to finalize their programming for next season, which means the inevitable yearly mix of sighs of relief and cries of heartbreak. None of these lists are finalized yet but they're pretty close. ABC Staying on the air: The Bachelor Brothers and Sisters Desperate Housewives Grey's Anatomy Lost Private Practice Ugly Betty Gone: Cupid Dirty Sexy Money Eli Stone In the Motherhood Pushing Daisies Surviving Suburbia The Unusuals Could go either way: Castle Samantha Who? Scrubs CBS Staying on the air: The Big Bang Theory CSI
  23. You're right. Unfortunately, it was Frank Miller comics, not Will Eisner comics.
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