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  1. Man, i gotta remember to burn you some shit before you go back overseas. I told you i got the complete Miles & Coltrane? Shit's amazing. I still dont get Interstellar Space, tho.

  2. well........... I was able to get Jet Li's latest long before it played here in america. But I think doing the same thing with 24 would prove difficult.
  3. OK OK OK. Season 6?? OK didn't know about it or hear about it. And I'm pretty sure you understand my surprise. Not just because of the seclusion i was in. But does this mean i can start downloading season 6 or day 6? or what ever?
  4. day 6? Ok yo're gonna have to bring me up to speed. YOu know me. Been Isolated for a while. FTN. Dont' wanna ruin anything for anyone so I wont say shit. With that in mind how far have you actuilly gotten Irish? KEE FTN
  5. I finished watching Season 5 about a 3 weeks ago. Pretty good. i don't think I have an actual fav. But IMO each season was better than the previous. KEE
  6. I'm jsut in love with that pic Chief put up there. What movie is that from. I believe I recognize the little guy in the front.
  7. Very funny man but all in all i think you might be being just a bit one sided. But I got 26 Things the perfect girl can do. B)
  8. Just got came back from seeing it. I have to say I liked it much. The time seemed to go by really fast. Very entertaining.
  9. I have to say I think this is one of those movies that if I went to go see it I would rather be in a theater where everyone has to voice their own input about the movie. I think that's the only way I would actually get my money's worth in a movie like this.
  10. wtf are you talking about man. I found out he was unplugged by reading chief's post a few pages back. Oh well. I have to admit the fight with the smiths was bad ass. I went to go see it again just for that. I kinda agree with you Nick Fish doesnt' need to make a loud speech. Did anyone realize that car chase was 14 min? By the was I was thinking if they could make a movie with this lvl of special effects...... what would a dragon ball z movie be like with the same special effects. something I thought about while at work.
  11. Well just got finished watching Matrix prescreening. Pretty good pretty good. Had to wait a whole 7 min for the credits to role after the movie in order to see the trailer for the next one.
  12. You know you guys read up on these things too much. I knew agent Smith was back but I really didn't know he wasn't connected to the matrix. Maybe this is common knowledge but I sure as hell didn'tk now. ???
  13. This morning I was watching the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln dock in CA on Fox News. There was a reporter going around the ship interviewing random sailors as they stood on the deck while the ship inched in the dock. Among the crew there were 150 brand new fathers that hadn't seen there new born children. The reporter came to one of these new men and asked him who was greeting him when he got off the ship. "I'm waiting my newborn son and wife" How old is your son. He's weeks old. My God you're shaking I just excited to be a dad. I ca
  14. ah missed it. Didn't wanna read all those pages to catch up. been away for a while I'll come up with another one later tonight.
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