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  1. It's entirely possible that there was no coming back from his "act" and he knew this. Death was his only release and that explains all his later music prophesying his end. Most people would disagree with the idea that it was all an act (me included, although I'm conflicted), but it is interesting to think about.
  2. 2Pac "live" performance. 3D hologram. http://youtu.be/8L73tGfOam4 Thoughts?
  3. Loved the Game of Thrones/The Tudors crossover this week Oh, Ann Boleyn you slut
  4. Remember when Matt Hollingsworth was a Hondonian for five minutes? Sigh...
  5. This season is killing! Best one yet!
  6. Haha! I'm calling it now: Guardians will come out. Nova will cameo. Nova will get a spinoff. It will be EXACTLY like the GL movie, but will be considered critically superior
  7. Nova is a better Green Lantern than Green Lantern.
  8. Thought I liked 1 a lot more until I saw 2. 2 made me realize not good 1 was.
  9. I think I own that and can't remember a fuckin thing about it :/
  10. Justin Lawrence gets put in his place. As for what Nick's saying, yeah. Last couple weeks have been conflicting on who I want winning. Team Cruz all the way, but its hard not to root for the other guy sometimes.
  11. I can tell you with complete certainty that that would have been the best movie I had ever seen.
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