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  1. So nick.... you feelin' lucky punk?
  2. Random Hello!!! and in case anyone wants to know, I have episodes 1- 153!! I love this fucking anime!! Actually if anyone want's to download it, you can go to Narutochaos.com, and get everything, including the movie, ova, and the manga. I recommend the manga though because it skips all the "I have nothing to do with the series" random episodes, and goes straight to story line.
  3. Hey guys!! I know I haven't been around ina while but... where is the hot guys section??
  4. damn I haven't posted here in a while...
  5. by the sound of that I think I might just download the album... then i'll think about buying it!
  6. okok Jax I get your point... but if you want to talk about anime that takes forever to even come to a conclusion... then Rumiko Takahashi would take the award for that! She is the creator of Ranma 1/2 (which is by the 10th season ans still hasn't ended) and Maison Ikkoku.
  7. I haven't seen it, but I've been wanting to for a while... Fuck it, I'm going to blockbuster to rent it!
  8. But sailormoon actually does end... It might take a few series to get there... but it eventually does. And I hate Dragonball Z!!!! :ill: Especially how all of their fight scenes last about 3 or 4 episodes... such a waste of fucking time! I like how this one (samurai champloo) is only 26 episodes! Short and straight to the point!
  9. Just started downloading this anime! I've only seen the first 4 episodes and it's pretty bad ass! The girl is so cute, and she reminds me of me sometimes!!
  11. Wow!!! This brings back so many memories!!! Maybe it is a prank until april 1st....
  12. I just saw him this weekend in FInding Neverland!!! Beautiful Movie and Beautiful Depp!!!
  13. Then again MH, the one's commenting about the picture are men... they don't know any better... I think he's cute in his goth little way!
  14. GOd I hope he's using some kind of dressing for that salad to taste that good.... :ill:
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