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  1. Trails in the sky SC!
  2. yeah I should go hunt down a copy and finally play it.
  3. should't billy batson be a young boy? why an old white chick?
  4. and we shoudl be getting luke care.... all we need now is black punisher!
  5. so is it true they cast BP as a white dude? gotta say that would be inspired! Also been beating off to the anouncments all day
  6. watching the videos and reading the alpha reviews gets better and better(also some possible big links to demon souls) Can't wait also funny people already broke the alpha and found areas and bosses they weren't supposed to find.
  7. yeah, nothing but good news so far, I'll probably pick it up at some point this holiday. not like my black log is unending or anything...
  8. so if newt dies, I get his stuff right? :P
  9. I should just really order the japanese books and start learning.... sigh
  10. More HYPETRAIN!!!!! seriously though what else can you say about this game?
  11. Anyone else wish they could get the metal slime ps4 from japan?
  12. you do know nick it's cause your irish, if your people had just voted for independence today this wouldn't have happpened(I think thats the worst thing I've said today) I suppose I'll keep posting, sucks i lost so much of my work from the last year ;) Also I good hardy FUCK YOU to the old hosting company, people like that need to go work in fast food not guarding people's memories.
  13. HYPETRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well now with the move done and my stuff unpacked time to get my retro gaming setup going. Sadly as with all moves it seems I've lost a few things. can't find the dreamcast VGA cables(though it's been years since my dc was connected so who knows) and it seems in the move I've misplaced my n64 controller and power supply) also misisng SNES cables(av and power) but thats a bit less important atm. Once I get that sorted out all I need is my GC component cables*cough*jaysendthemplease*cough* and I'm good to go for now. once I get stuff sorted I'll post pics.
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