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  1. If anyone's interested, the other thread JZA was talking about is the Emulators and ROMs thread, it's the latest post on there.
  2. There are coming up with all sorts of amazing custom-built consoles these days that can play games from 2 or more systems, even from completely different video game companies! Check out the two I came across recently: Retro Duo NES/SNES and Super Genintari Below is a cool video explaing the Super Genintari The Retro Duo NES/SNES can be purchased at the link I posted for it. Not sure if you can buy the Super Genintari, but it would be awesome if you could!
  3. I been seriously thinking about getting one myself, and the price is amazing! Only $39.99 for the Retro Mini and just $10 more for the Mini X. Not bad at all!
  4. I just saw a video from the Irate Gamer about a really cool handheld version of the 8-bit NES System called the Retro Mini. It plays all of your 8-bit NES games portably, and you can hook it up via A/V cables to a TV set and it works on your TV just like a classic 8-bit NES Console! Here's the actual video from the Irate Gamer talking about the Retro Mini: Right now, you can only purchase it from the website ThinkGeek.com and it comes in two versions: the Retro Mini, and the Retro Mini X. Below are the direct link to the page where you can purchase them: Retro M
  5. It definitely clarifies things MUCH better. On that note, I still think Samus would mop the floor with Jango Fett.
  6. Sure, if you can explain to me how the big eye can stand up against an enormous space station of tremendous power (as well as a couple of hundred giant-sized destroyers).
  7. Death Star blows up Middle Earth. I think we know who the fight winner is. As far as movies, LOTR is better than Star Wars for sure, so that's the obvious movie winner!
  8. Hope you liked the "Soldier of Fortune" pic.

  9. I should take more Powerline pics and post them. The one I posted I found online. I did take a few pics of those same ones, but they didn't come out as good. If you find any in your area take some pics! <3

  10. That would be quite difficult, given she has no arms... (Unless she got like some really cool prosthetics or something). The anime concept would be interesting. Kinda like what the Wachowskis did with Enter The Matrix.
  11. This should be very interesting. I'd definitely love to check it out just to see what extras they have added to the movie. Oh also I read somewhere (on imdb.com I think) that Tarentino originally had plans to do a sequel movie which the main plot was the now-grown-up daughter of Vernita Green was searching Beatrix out to get revenge for killing her mother, but that somehow those plans never fully materialized or were dropped. Anyone have anymore info on this?
  12. My top 5 songs played on my iPod Gigi D'Agostino - The Riddle Gigi D'Agostino - Apache Gigi D'Agostino - Complex Gigi D'Agostino - On The Radio (Jay Johnson Remix) Gigi D'Agostino & Albertino - Super
  13. Heeeeey Junkerseed! So nice to see you again! It's been a long while. Hope all is well with you. Stop by Crap Shack and check out the Trivia Challenge X-Treme when you get a chance. Catch ya later!

  14. If you ever have a chance to come to Florida (or come back if you been here before), you should take a drive up and down US-27 in Broward County, or the Turnpike up near Orlando, you can see those massive powerlines like in that pic I posted, and take some pics of your own! I took one last time I saw them. Powerlines 4 life!!!

  15. Howdy Nick! Hope all is well. Just to reply to your last comment, yeah Santana is still around, but he's not in charge of the PSAs anymore. They are now working with Parking and Traffic. I see him every once in a while, and say hi when I do. I guess I'll seeya around, have a good one!

  16. My money is on Vader. Saruman has to speak to cast his magic, but Darth Vader can use the force to render him silent and not breathing and kill him easily. Plus he can use the force to build a wall to prevent magic I am sure.
  17. 100% baby! I AM the master!!! As for the original test, it showed I had perfect color vision, but a bad heart *clutches chest*
  18. Naaaw it just died, but it seems like you had a hand in resurrecting it again.
  19. Arc is right you know. If you follow the Star Wars novels, Boba makes a reappearance in several of them. When they ask how he got out of the Sarlacc's mouth, he merely said that it found him to be "somewhat indigestible" (must've been the armor). As for my vote (albeit 3 years late), my money is on Samus. She has way more better gear to protect herself than just the armor. She can jump in the air and use the screw attack to make her invisible. She can roll into a ball and dodge all of Jango's attacks, oh and finally she has a freeze ray that can stop Jango Fett cold (no pun intended).
  20. Secret of Mana, all 3 characters at LV. 99, all of Sprite Spells to Lv. 9 (8.99), all the girl's spells to Lv. 9 (8.99), and I got most of the rare Lv. 9 weapons. I don't think I have spent more time on any other game than I have on SoM.
  21. Alien Vs. Predator, Robocop Vs. The Terminator, Super Smash Brothers Melee, where all the greats take on each other. Any other hot matchups you think would make the cut? :sly:
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