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  1. There I am (again)! Glad to see that you are still lurking the boards!

  2. It was a great movie, the Cage one was a bit more of a plot and drama. The original was basically one long car chase. I'm a fan of the Cage one more though, I won't admit or deny that Jolie had anything to do with that.

  3. You are a vat of awesomesauce.

  4. Welcome MH's sister. That gives you a lot of street cred around these parts.

  5. Well, what you dont realize is, your wish is my command. 2020 will be the flip side of 1920... women all in charge!

  6. I know you arent around, but happy birthday Ross.

  7. If you were a bit closer geographically, I am sure I could work in some stalking time.

  8. APPROVAL NEEDED?! -gasp- do you have a stalker? One who leave dirty widdle messages? I'd leave you dirty little messages, but that wouldn't be very nice of me. Anywho, 3rd message now, ta ta.

  9. I tried to add a comment but it didnt seem to add, what the fak?

  10. today is your birthday? Happy Birthday dear!

  11. just what we need, a war devil.

  12. Jack Bauer aint shit! Chuck Norris makes the boogey man scared of the dark! See you love birds on Monday -makes loud puckering sound-

  13. so are you a visit once and spam? or gonna be a regular?

    either way, welcome.

  14. You nearly had me at banana pudding, but lost me at republican. I take that back, lost me at democrat hassling. Yay narrow minded partisian hacks!

  15. Glad you are aboard, any friend of nick is a friend to the entire board. Welcome!

  16. oooo, a friend of nicks in the medical field it seems. Would she be the person to talk to about milking the prostate n stuff? Road Trip style?

  17. I spy me a Caterpillar... but no justeattendant

  18. whats up bearded man? anything to report?

  19. Welcome luv, dodge the bats and costners... it aint all the rave.

  20. Glad you signed up. There is hope in this world that 'WHORE' is what brought a woman to a site. Next we will have Fathers molesting alter boys! Oh wait...

  21. welcome n stuff

  22. I have lost all respect for you... again. Skeet, wherever you are, come out of that nasty shell.

  23. hmm strange, I thought we already had an Uncle Buck... anywho, welcome.

  24. happy 2nd anni!

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