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  1. HAPPY SIX YEAR HONDOSVERSARY!! :D In your honor, here some boobies: http://collectcallstohome.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/boobies.jpg

  2. You gotta let me know whe's good for you so we can hook up, man. Panch has been wanting to grab some drinks, hook up with some ho's and all too. Holla!

  3. "I'm not Mr Right...but I'll fuck you till he gets here." That shit's brilliant.

  4. comment 1) these multiplayer games I've had the pleasure of enjoying with the Cowboy. We've both gotten our asses whooped in Monkeyball 2 by our friend who controls those damn monkeys like if they were some characer from the Matrix. comment 2) Metroid is pretty damn bad-ass, and somehow it caught my attention more than the new Zelda game, however, I haven't had time to finish either of them comment 3) Oh, I'm so gonna blow a load when I get to see this new Mario Kart coming out soon. Who the fuck is ready?! OH, yeah!!!!
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