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  1. Also, I'm very glad that you and panch were both fans of rotten fruit at the time or else we would have never been graced by your awesome presence. :)

  2. ha! everytime i hear anything about tori amos, rammstein, cabin fever, kittens, and optometry, I think of you. :) there's much more but it's late and my brain is only functioning at 9%.

  3. Hello, sir. how was the angry vaginas of death meeting?

  4. I still owe you ju-on! Where did you go?

  5. Ohhhh!!! Summer Heights High would be much appreciated!!! I saw a couple of episodes at my parents house and I LOVED IT but I can't find the rest of the episodes anywhere! :(

  6. suckin on my titties like you wanted me, callin me all the time...

  7. thank you for the cordial invite. i appreciate it and i would love to be there for your special day. might i ask, will there be hulk hands or at the very least, rocky vagina?

  8. Thanks sexypants! I think it was May? Damn crash.

  9. thanks! but it's no sexy banjo picture. i can't fucking compete with you!

  10. welcome back Benny!

  11. why yes, yes i do. reznor gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside. as does his musics. i'm very excited about his new album...is it good? i know you wen to the listening partay.

  12. Yes, I was. It's awesome. I recommend that everyone visit there sometime during their life. And if you go, definitely visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art...it's amazing.

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