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  1. wow thats all professional! solaras uncle is kind of a big deal i guess haha
  2. panch said he has mine! i want it! got rep for south jerz!
  3. hey girl!!! your always my cheerleader! yay!

  4. woah im i gettin flashbacks of old hondos days! lol

  5. thanx nick! i can represent in dirty jerz!
  6. hey i want one! how bout i get one pro bono! aka for frizzle!
  7. thats all YOU have to say about spiderman! wtf is goin on!
  8. WHAT!!! that is bs! i never lost sleep over this and i never took it too seriously! please i have to many other things to worry about than f'n hondos awards! and if i wasnt being very "sporting" im sorry i didnt see it that way! All i did was make a comment about u campaing for HB, i have nothing against her she is pretty i dont understand why im catching crap when there were MANY others who took this WAYYYY more serious than me! Yes i did get into it but it turned into more of a compition with Irish than anything else! hmpf! I do not i repeat do not want the title, Hb won its insulting that
  9. oh man american idol auditions are aug 30th! the closest one is in BOSTON!! i really wanna go but i dunno if i can come up with then money in time!!! darnit!!!
  10. aarty pic someone else for me!!! puuulleasseee!!!
  11. Actually.........I AM ADAM!!!! and Solara is a crack baby!!! Problem?! ps..Panch laughed at the show more than i did!
  12. whatchoo talkin bout willis?! haha This show makes me laugh,but like panch said its more disturbing than anything,although the part with andy and lil john eating fruit loops form the crunk cup was pretty hilarious!
  13. stupid car needs a new distributer!!!!! anyone got $300?!!!?!?!
  14. this is what happens when u dont feed panch!!!
  15. yeah ive been trying,but with breastfeeding ur supossed to eat more,actually solara just recenty swiched to all bottles so now i can really diet. if u wanna know what i eat ill tell u breakfast is ushally cereal and yogart lunch is tuna with carrots and a fruit and dinner varies all the time,the stuff i cook for panch i try not to eat but if i do u eat small portions. of course im not perfect i do indulge sometimes...im just wondering what is the right amount of caliories per day? also i been workin out 5-6days 60-70mins per day,i seperate it into 2 workouts i do pilaites,cardio,30m
  16. DUADS WHERE ARE U WHEN I NEED U!? i need some advice on how to get back to pre baby shape? i work out like an hour a day,5days a week but it seems to be comming off so slow!!! i guess its normal,most moms take up to a year to get back in shape. its just so damn frustrating!! advice anyone?
  17. what can be more shockin than the bukakke?! takin a dump on ones face! poopakke maybe...?!
  18. YAY!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME, ILL BE SPENDING IN ALL ALONE IN MY HOUSE (well solar will be there too!)
  21. i just hate paris hilton!!!! (THAT WASNT A REPLAY BTW!)
  22. all i see are a bunch of rd x's! not that im into chicks or anything but still!!!
  23. Whoever would wear a shirt with this on it is GAY! (and not in the homosexual way)
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