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  1. You can't win MVP by leading the the league in scoring alone. Granted, Wade has taken a team that won 15 games last seasonto the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but it is the Eastern Conference playoffs...Lebron is gonna finish the year leading his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, etc. while finishing with the best record in the league (not just conference) and an unbelievable record at home. There is absolutely no arguement here, this year its the king.
  2. Panch is just a hater...juice or no juice, the guy is the best baseball player (not including october) of our generation.
  3. Dan Lebatard sucks...Scotty Ferrall on Sirius is the man.
  4. 2010 will be crazy, we gotta make sure we hold on to Wade... Here's a clip...Shitty quality, I wonder if O'Neal remembers it clearer...
  5. Stan is the man, boy did Billy Donovan do you guys a favor by backing out of his deal! As for the Marion trade, we got rid of one of the more overrated players in the league to get one of the softess players in the league. It does give us a quality center and we can move Udonis to the 4 and Beasley to the 3, which will ultimately give us better positioning for the playoffs, but we're at best a 2nd round team. I would have much rather picked up Tyson Chandler, but I'll take O'Neal. Moon is a solid addition to come off the bench, so all in all a great deal. As for Bosh, it ain't gonna
  6. From ESPN Does this surprise anyone? Does anyone believe him?
  7. I wonder the reaction if this were Lebron James...
  8. I think the score is gonna be 34-28 Cardinals. I gotta go with D. McNabb on sportscenter with the x-factor in this game...Anquan Boldin. During the regular season, this guy was a touchdown monster, and everyone has forgotten about him. I see him with about 7 catches, 90 yards and 2 TDs. Fitzgerald will probably have 175 yards, zero TDs. (Anyone who played fantasy football knows what I'm talking about)
  9. Anyone whos knows anything about basketball knows its obviously Kobe... Just ask yourself these questions... Which of the three has been voted MVP of the NBA? Which of the three has 3 championship rings? Which of the three scored 62 points in a game they in which they didnt even play in the 4th quarter, and had a game in which they scored 81 points? Kobe. Wade has the most heart, and Lebron could be the best ever...but Kobe has the complete game. You can't point out one area where he's not great. KG has the heart, Allen one of the smoothest shooters ever...but
  10. So here's a link for a reasonable price... Foam Roller Go with the 3' full roller...
  11. I request a new skin/background for the sports section....for one, the world cup was 2 years ago, and two, who cares about soccer?
  12. 4 trips to the big one and a loss everytime, what a bunch of losers. I so hope the Dolphins win...I'd just love to see all the retard Jets fans and bandwagon Pats fans piss and moan all the way till next season.
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