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  1. HAPPY ADVERSARY! Or anniversary even. Celebrate your enemies as well. :/

  2. *Holds boombox overhead* Baby come back... If I didn't miss you, i'd certainly miss Stewie. :'(

  3. happy belated birthday, joanna! hope it was a good one.

  4. Wherever did you stray off to, kuro neko? there's a lot less dark poetry these days...hope you're doing alright.

  5. its been said the it will release Sept... But I guess we'll see....
  6. Pic of Ah! My Goddess [click here] Its awesome if you liked the Oh! My Goddess ova you'll enjoy the series as well....Its cute to cute both worth the watch......
  7. Freakin' cool its a must see...the american cast was kicked I don't dubbed movie there are very very very few ::did i say very few:: that I can watch and this is one of them its ino my fav. Miyazaki flim ever ....
  8. dude for future ref. please place these questions in the Anime Update ^-^ thats the point
  9. Request request so that i can give you the info on stuff you wanna check out....or types you like to see....
  10. Here's a poll by some people: I heard that its was good if you like hack and slash anime....so it up to you guys I didn't see it in fear of it boring me but the movie is kick ass.....
  11. I vote other I would have to say vincent and lulu would be cool together.....someone pointed out and i would have to agree....GOTH YEAH BABY!
  12. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Revealed (PS2) Yes more and more spin offs. It seems that X2 opened a new door for square. So there going to milk the hell out of Final Fantasy oh well I'm a fan as long as its good you know
  13. Okay so update update thinking okay I got it this is for the pervs way to many panties shots in my opinion Ichigo Image Click Here Picture of Ichigo Manga click here
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