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  1. I know, yours and nicks are the last ones to get done. I will have something for you guys soon, I promise.
  2. Awesome banners!

  3. I'm always kind. But there's nothing wrong with a little razzing. I've been very infrequent in my comings and goings, so I'm sure I've missed some nuances that would have been better.
  4. Thanks Hakujin, I was falling asleep doing these, hah. I edited the MVP one.
  5. So I was contacted by our great and illustrious NZA to create some banners for the 10th Anniversary Hondies. I've created all but two. Hopefully I can get those done soon. I just didn't want to wait too much longer to get these on the board. Congratz to the winners, I hope you like them. I'm hosting them on my dropbox for now. Please let me know if I've messed up some way: Best Mod Best Thread Best Troll of ALL TIME Biggest Bitch Cutest Couple Funniest Hottest Female Hottest Male MetalHeart Most Improved MVPoster New Jack Smartest Und

  7. man, what a sexy sausage fest your comment section has become...

    hey, theyre asking for you over in the new werewolf thread in town square.

  8. Ok, so just in case you ever check back, im stuck at like 95% on Sword of the Berserk for Dreamcast, if you can ever find that one...also, bleemcast versions of Bushido Blade and PaRappa, but theyre crazy obscure. Anyway, lemme know man.

  9. I don't know. I don't think she did though. I'll ask her when we aren't at work.

  10. Hey, did your friend ever apply here at baptist? holla.

  11. well m'man, i bascially got back all my old dreamcast games off of mininova, so i think im good. cant wait to try out all the emulators tho - theyve even got MAME! how awesome is that?!

  12. Youre so awesome for the dreamcast & games, i resisted the temptation to pwn your desk.

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