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  1. I know, yours and nicks are the last ones to get done. I will have something for you guys soon, I promise.
  2. Awesome banners!

  3. I'm always kind. But there's nothing wrong with a little razzing. I've been very infrequent in my comings and goings, so I'm sure I've missed some nuances that would have been better.
  4. Thanks Hakujin, I was falling asleep doing these, hah. I edited the MVP one.
  5. So I was contacted by our great and illustrious NZA to create some banners for the 10th Anniversary Hondies. I've created all but two. Hopefully I can get those done soon. I just didn't want to wait too much longer to get these on the board. Congratz to the winners, I hope you like them. I'm hosting them on my dropbox for now. Please let me know if I've messed up some way: Best Mod Best Thread Best Troll of ALL TIME Biggest Bitch Cutest Couple Funniest Hottest Female Hottest Male MetalHeart Most Improved MVPoster New Jack Smartest Und
  6. I'm always of the mind to give something a chance before you root it a new asshole. Like if someone says they don't like sushi, but have never tried it. "Ewwww, raw fish in seaweed?" "Noooo, you can't cook a burger in the microwave!" "Mehhhh, Gunfights are dangerous!" How do you know if you never try!!!!?
  7. Not so much for me either. I can understand the contrasting vocals being interesting, but it's nothing I'd crank on my iPod.
  8. He's eating pizza or he's got pizza around in the intro to DMC 1 and 3
  9. uhm, yeah, I kinda have to chime in here. Preface: my alias Dante came before the DMC series, as I was reading Inferno That said, Devil May Cry is one of my favorite series. I actually just popped in DMC4 on my PS3 two nights ago and have been playing that for a while. I've played and beaten all of them. I've stuck with the series through thick and thin, bad storylines, cheesy ass sayings (I still roll my eyes, heh), and insanely difficult bosses. But that's what I like about the series. Dante with the black hair and the boy band attitude. Ok, maybe this is his origin. This is how we s
  10. Nick: It's cool. I dig all that shit you mentioned and more. I'm a whore for a wide gamut of music and movies that adamantly excludes Nickelback and Reggaeton. I seem to recall this brown figure...a strange one. Lipala: did you like my recommendation? the way this thread goes you say either, you liked it, you didn't like it, you think you'll go out and buy every record and merchandise and stalk the band... heh, I get points depending on how you liked it. (or didn't). The rules are on the first post of the thread.
  11. I dig it though, I like all forms of music. The dirty bass sleaze uptempo punk girl fizz what have you. I dunno what they call it, but I dig it in my aural canal. I haven't heard a lot but you may be right, some of it may seem boring. I listen to the National a lot too and a bunch of their music is a bit slow and depressing sounding, but it's all good to me. I'm gonna msg Lipala now.
  12. Wait, wait, no one hit me up about this. Besides, you know me. I fuck off every once in a while Ok, MH. I do dig it and I wanna hear moar. So I guess that's 10 points to MH? I was actually on a Metric, Goldfrapp, Sleater-Kinney orgy on my way to work this morning. This reminds me of that stuff and has a little Depeche Mode added in. Damn, now it's my turn... It's hard for me to match tastes of music to someone's postings, but I guess that's the point. So for the sake of bringing some newbies in.... This one is for Lipala, hope you like it. Dirty Pretty Things - Deadwo
  13. Yeah, I know where the term came from, but I just think it's adaptable. Was before TV and screen, used in plays also referred to as an aside. Which is literally when the actor breaks dialogue to speak directly to the audience. I'm just debating that indirectly it is possible to break the illusion of the fourth wall by referencing something outside of the actor's world. Call it what you will. Anyway, I thought Comeau knew "everything" as opposed to "everyone". I plan on watching it again anyway so I'll try to catch that the second time around. So if that was the case, then no, it wouldn
  14. However, here's another one for you. In Josie and the Pussycats, when they are on the plane, Alexander's character turns to his sister, Alexandra (I had to look those up), and asks her something to the effect of 'if you don't like them, why are you even here?' to which she replies, "Cause I was in the comic book." He says "what?" and she dismisses. Similar situation character isn't talking directly to audience, but still manages to reference something outside of their world. Fourth wall, or dramatic irony?
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