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  1. fine! i'll do it. but i'm not getting nekked. i don't think i'll be that great at it though b/c i generally don't care about wrestling anyone. 'cept maybe bush....but that would just be creepy and weird.
  2. I'm down to see all that!! After this movie though, I just think that everything just ain't gonna be up to par!! I know I'm saying stupid shit, but you just gotta watch it and you'll understand...
  3. yeah sorry, posting in pain and when you're late for a class causes incoherence. lol. i have a 1.3ghz intel centriNo (gah can't type) with 384mb of ram. it says i have a radeon 9000 video card with 32mb ram. i should probably get a better one but i'm poor... :( my windows update isn't working and i couldn't find updated drivers on the website for this videocard.
  4. man, i gotta play x-men legends soon.
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