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    Chiefbigsmak clued me in. Man I know he regretting it!
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    Fightclub, Fightclub, Fightclub, Beauty and the Beast, Fightclub I liek to reed boks becuz they mack mi smert I enjoy book from the Eddings couple and C.S. Friedman and food can be inspirational too! Like isn't it amazing that bacon, ham, and porkchops all come from one magical beast!
  1. Happy birf, DT! hope its a good one, m'man.

  3. So... is this happening? What realm have you all decided to roll on? If you are into BG's Chromaggus' battlegroup (reckoning I think?) is almost instant. Just don't go to Chromaggus, they are TEH SUCK
  4. Haha I remember that. Right around the time I gave up on TV Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
  5. Hey guys, what's the ups? A couple of us have been on Chromaggus with ally toons and Thoridien(sp?) horde. Father and I have 60's there and some level 45 and 27 toons. But these past days I been at the bars, clubs, and gym and just fluffing out broke time with WoW. I can transfer some of my toons to another server if you are all serious Oh and I have a vent server I rarely use too. kkbaithx
  6. ...is this cause of the FF XI expansion, or why cant i keep you around? were posting more titties these days than ever.

  7. Irish Ninja?!?! I feel out of my seat laughing :D

    I'll be Cuban Pirate and we'll make epic glorious battles!

  8. Dammit, you & Father came and went. I gotta post more in the hot chcks thread to keep you guys around.

  9. Now featured on my profile.... ass-smackin music http://www.myspace.com/roninbluesamurai
  10. The Chris Farley ones crack me up so bad! But batman PWNS http://ualuealuealeuale.ytmnd.com/ http://bebubebududeh.ytmnd.com/ And Poketrainer batman! http://batmanpokemon.ytmnd.com/ And this is how you nip an emo kid in the bud http://batmankillskids.ytmnd.com/ Ever wondered what would happen if Captain Picard and Batman went head to head? Obviously someone else did too! http://picardendsbatman.ytmnd.com/
  11. Amazing what results from having too much time and internet connection! Woah Hondos upgrade, lookin' good! Anyways after posting I noticed some information was left out. The game company that published this want as was Edios, which off the top of my head I know from Tomb Raider and I think Hitman series. but with the blip "needs for the main character." I am suspecting this to again be a stand alone game. Wonder what it is
  12. Theres the sheduled tasks that cleans up uneccessary file, the disk defragmenter, and of course there was the tracker that bittorent uses to track the priogress of your d/l's that may have autamactically deleted itself upon completion
  13. IC, might want to look at this webpage on setting rules up for incoming emails. And trillian sucks at the might (and price of) Gaim! Viva open source!
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