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    Use me, hurt me, make me cry. I love it!
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    Chiefbigsmak clued me in. Man I know he regretting it!
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    Lover of all that is Cookies
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    Nestor Sanchez
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    Fightclub, Fightclub, Fightclub, Beauty and the Beast, Fightclub I liek to reed boks becuz they mack mi smert I enjoy book from the Eddings couple and C.S. Friedman and food can be inspirational too! Like isn't it amazing that bacon, ham, and porkchops all come from one magical beast!
  1. Happy birf, DT! hope its a good one, m'man.

  2. ...is this cause of the FF XI expansion, or why cant i keep you around? were posting more titties these days than ever.

  3. Irish Ninja?!?! I feel out of my seat laughing :D

    I'll be Cuban Pirate and we'll make epic glorious battles!

  4. Dammit, you & Father came and went. I gotta post more in the hot chcks thread to keep you guys around.

  5. Jimmi Hendrix Louie Amstrong Ella Fitzgerald and Static X orpning for Korn
  6. I wasn't too much of a fan of it until later in the episodes after his training and the arena fights. Think because it was too slow paced and the animation wasn't much of my style at first. But I regret it because then I didnt fully understand the story. So if you going have a marathon, keep it posed ^^
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