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  1. Hello, fellow Floyd fan. Please join up the campaign to make Nick set the Dark side of the Moon album art as the Science Forum banner.

  2. Welcome.

    If you found us through an internet cafe then we probably have members in your area which is good cuz we like to get together for stuff outside the internet. We've actually had people cross oceans and continents for meet-ups.

  3. By the way, what's your sjs stand for?

    I once had an attack of something called SJS and it wasn't pretty :-(

  4. You seem like a science fan...

    Hope you stick around.

  5. So you went to all the trouble of joining and then never posted? Wha?

  6. My first instinct was that this was one of my brother's trolls, but then I realised the spelling was above average.

    Overall, I have to say, not a good idea for a troll. Especially back then.

  7. Oh Joy! Dorothy is here?

  8. I'm afraid to ask, but why were you searching for cannibalism?

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