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  1. Nanno

    come back jonty!!!!!

  2. hello my lovely fellow irishman, are you alive???

  3. hey you, how goes the portrait?

  4. i wanna steal your avatar :)

  5. How's the new addition boogie, hope all's well

  6. hey boogie hope all goes well hun, love to wife and new baby xx

  7. how you doing?sorry to hear bout your job xx

  8. wow you've been busy :)

  9. it's been a while since i saw you round here, how are you?

  10. hope the surgery goes well

  11. hey good lookin, how you doing?

  12. here's some love to brighten your day, don't feel lonely, you have us lot

  13. where are you, come back to us!!!i did xx

  14. hahahaha, i won't don't worry

  15. do you have msn??

  16. you rock man, i luv you!!!!!!can't wait to meet ya

  17. hey there buddy, looking forward to sat night???

  18. why thank you my good lady, how are you?i;ve not been around much these days coz of my job and stuff.

  19. Nanno

    hey jont, just wondering if you're gonna be free the wkend we come over?would be brilliant to see you again?

  20. thanx a mill

  21. hey thanx so much for the comment, sorry i've not been around much xx

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