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  1. DOWE!!! It's your 5 YEAR HONDOSVERSARY!! Happy Hondosversary! NOW COME BACK PLZ. <3

  2. We love and miss you. You should use your ticket and come visit us soon <3

  3. I come to hondos for funny good moments and find them! Complete I feel. Yoda, am not. I.
  4. I've been unmotivated to read Hondo's lately... I look at the front page, scrolling up and down, and then I sigh, and then I sit back and stare for a while. Neither can I write in LiveJournal, or any journal for that matter. My sole therapy. Soul therapy. I just stare.
  5. Hello kind stranger! Can't wait to see what you have to say.

  6. Yeah we definitely need more science buffs around here. I like to read the posts :-) If your name is really Steve Smarsh, holy hell, that's rad.

  7. Yeah the L Word is pretty good....I've seen it a bit sporadically, but I liked the characters. Weeds is awesome, currently halfway thru Dexter season 2 (WOAH), and Secret Diaries? Not sure about that one.
  8. I haven't seen him in much, honestly, but from what I recall his acting seemed terrible. But then again, maybe it was the writing? I agree he does great in the show. I occasionally can't tell he's acting at all. I appreciate Diablo Cody's novelty. I read recently that she's working on a new film for 2009 called "Jennifer's Body"...something about a teenage cannibal. My expectations are slightly low as they are for most high school movies, but maybe it could be the next Faculty? That movie wasn't terrible... I like seeing Collette as all of the different alters. Buck is probably
  9. Words, can't be that strong. My heart is reeling. This is that fresh That fresh feeling. Try Try to forget what's in the past Tomorrow is here Love, Orange sky above lighting your way There's nothing to fear Birds singing a song Old paint is peeling This is that fresh That fresh feeling
  10. I'm watching it here! http://tvshack.net/movies/X_Men_Origins__Wolverine__2009_/ This feels unsavory... edit: On second thought, between the green screen backdrops and the polygon airplane explosion in the first five minutes, I think I'm gonna wait 'til theaters.
  11. Sounds like me. Sometimes I feel like plastic, but that's more a salvia thing...which is totally legal, and such a harsher hallucinogen. I fail to see the logic, despite the short-term effects.
  12. Double post, I'm sorry. New topic: Typo. Third paragraph of cease & desist, last line: "They use of these materials also violates IPS...." I know its small, "They" instead of "The". But I hmmm'd.
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