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  1. Happy 5 year Hondosversary!!


  3. of course...my luck! LOL anyway...I have this movie Bad Education where Bernal plays a transvestite ---i would STILL HIT IT!-i know...I'm sick
  4. oh man, cool there was a thread for this! anywho..yeah I always get laughed at too for liking these corny kind of games...but it's so much fun! I'm going to get my hands on it sometime this week and i'll post my personal review...which may not be as respectable as most video game gurus...but I'll let you know what i think, NZA~~
  5. If this is true...i want to see what Boogie looks like, because Gael Garcia Bernal is soooo yummy to mee!!!is Boogie over 21 and single???
  6. Apparently, I am the only person that actually wants to play this game...But I have yet to get my hands on it. I'm a sucker for fighting games and well, i fucken love DC comics...so this is like watching Angelina Jolie fuck Brad Pitt to me...sexy! ahem Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was released on Nov. 16th for PS3 & XBOX 360....anyone tried it out yet??
  7. I've been a big DOLFAN...and though I am a not a Ricky Williams fan (at all), they have been improving and i'im looking forward to the next one... PS--i dont know if any of you are going to LET IT FLY, but i'll be playing this weekend...so if YOUR football team doesnt cheer you up, come check out mine, I promise we will win!!! :-)
  8. yes...i'm a little torn and surprised-- it's a new team, new coaches, everything is new, and honestly i was not expecting it, specially after they got their ass whooped in the previous game.
  9. LOL I LOVE IT!!! congrats DOJ! ;-)
  10. that's what i got too and DOJ IS GAY!!! dont offend my computer...it's my life! you are a big caca
  11. oh yeah Russia / Holland was good...i almost forgot!!!! Spain Russia, i missed and Croatia germany was pretty entertaining
  12. oh doj shut up!i thought i lost when i saw boobies!!!Jesi Jesi Jesiand freaking hot ass Nannoand her gorgeous self!honestly...i had given up!
  13. ...and that was it... i enjoyed the Germany vs Turkey....that was vicious
  14. UGH...i was trying to stay away from this topic.... BUT.... HERE GOES ok, so Torres is a whiny little bitch, but that little bitch attacked so bad ass...that even when he threw himself on the ground to "fix his shin guards"--i couldnt really get upset at him. I AM NOT THE BIGGEST SPAIN fan..but fuck, Germany played like shit. This was the most disappointing football match i've ever seen. I mean, no real excitement...and the goal...that ONE goal....it was almost just "lucky"...out of the ordinary almost how Palermo (Boca Jrs--Argentina) makes them...No real drive from Germany, weak defense
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