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    I love everything provided its good and even some things that are awful, I like purely for nostalgic reasons. Movies: anything by Tarantino, Boondock Saints, Tim Burton, etc. Music everything from Otis Redding to Elvis Presley to Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis and the News, The O Brother Soundtrack etc. I love anything Anne Rice writes, and HHGTTG, Great Expectations, David Eddings.

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  1. HAPPY HONDOSVERSARY! I miss you m'lady <3

  2. You may never see this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY!! <33

  3. I voted for High Fidelity. I guess I need to see Grosse Point Blank, everyone keeps saying it's awesome.
  4. hahaha that was hilarious, I couldnt stop reading, I wish there were more
  5. I just got done reading all of Jack, The Devil's Panties, Striptease, and Im halfway through SinFest, and I'm also reading Sex and Violence, which is kind of interesting.
  6. I concur, but there is only so much you can do with it.
  7. hahaha me too, my answer was to chop up the giraffe too
  8. I got them all right 100 woo hoo I dont think it said 100 it might have said like 73 but I did get them all right
  9. im going to die at 73 of natural causes and its creepycause I told Jake a year ago that I wanted to die at 73 before I was in diapers. hahaha
  10. meh....I had a train of thought that went from M. Night Shamalan(sp) movies, the village, to woods, to the woodsman, then back again. Sorry bout that
  11. this thread died so many times, how many times has it been ressurected? What about The Sixth Sense? The Village? The Woodsman? Signs?
  12. Do you even know what I look like? you might not want to see me topless hahaha What about..... Spanglish? Finding Nemo? Finding Neverland? Hero? The One? Runaway Jury?
  13. What about the original Ocean's 11? Remake of Oceans 11? Oceans 12? Orgazmo? (fucking hilarious) Kinsey? have you seen it? I thought it was really good. Do you want me to quit asking you questions?
  14. The Matrix was great, well the first two were. The third one sucked. You like Van Damme? Whats wrong with you? The LOR's movies were ten times better than the book. There's only so much you can write to describe a bush and a page is too much. So what about Lost in Translation? Love Song For Bobby Long? Snatch? Lock, Stock, Two Smoking Barrells? Suicide Kings? Tombstone? A Christmas Story? I Heart Huckabees? Team America? I will think of more later, this thread was so interesting I stayed up all night reading most of it. lol
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