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    I love everything provided its good and even some things that are awful, I like purely for nostalgic reasons. Movies: anything by Tarantino, Boondock Saints, Tim Burton, etc. Music everything from Otis Redding to Elvis Presley to Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis and the News, The O Brother Soundtrack etc. I love anything Anne Rice writes, and HHGTTG, Great Expectations, David Eddings.

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  1. HAPPY HONDOSVERSARY! I miss you m'lady <3

  2. You may never see this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY!! <33

  3. I'm not upset at all, I dont get mad over the awards. Congrats to everyone who won!
  4. So even I get you some nice teenage hotties, you'd just watch them from a closet? Can I be in charge and tell them what to do? We can work out a game plan before I pick them up, woo
  5. well its your money, hold out then, I'm sure they wont have a problem doing whatever you want for money, you are after all, The 2Track
  6. You'd pay money for that? I think you could do better
  7. The girl on the right much more so than the girl on the left, boobies This was hilarious and I almost feel bad for the guy, youthink he wold have just paid him back already.
  8. So is it worth watching with the commentary on? If its tons better then I might watch it, I do love me some Bruce Campbell
  9. Army of Darkness is completely different than the first one. I havent seen the second one, well Ive seen parts of it, but I dont remember a lot of it. I personally didnt really care for the first Evil Dead. I thought it was kind of boring and not funny at all, except from the cheesy aspect so I can see why someone wouldnt like it. Army of Darkness however is genius and everyone should see it at least once.
  10. Yes she is quite attractive and the sexy.
  11. Yeah she is, really skinny girls with absolutely no curves do absolutely nothing for me and her face isn't the least bit attractive
  12. Yeah, Jake and I watched that and it was even amusing enough to watch. It wasn't sexy, funny, entertaining, any of the things I thought it would be, well I didnt actually think it would be sexy, but I at least thought I would get to laugh at her stupidity
  13. I still go to myfreepaysite, I still havent found everything on there thats on there, its like, endless.
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