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  1. currently listening to run the jewels 4. But i would gladly conduct a global baby genocide to get some new outkast right now.
  2. That's deep lol There's a sight that's translating the other 2 scenarios of shining force 3 on Saturn It was because of this o was able to finish scenario2. If you have a Saturn I highly suggest playing them. Scenario 3 isn't finished however. If you do go this route use an import cart. Amazing this works. Unrelated: There's also a translate mod for wachën roder on Saturn I'll update this post when I get outta work. Shining force3 def the best of the series imo
  3. Anyone get to try the division yet? I'm tired of hearing comparisons to destiny
  4. Not a hero comes out this tues for ps4 Anything by devolved is friken amazing (Broforce on 3/1)
  5. derogatory comment*

  6. Does everything have to be an mmo? I'm assuming that's hat he meant by "massive rpg "... The e3 trailer still has me hype tho
  7. Ugh was just gonna mention the hb cover edition.. FML
  8. I've been coveting FTL for a few yrs now but my pc gaming days are apparently over. Same w super meatboy. When iOS 7 comes out there will be no excuses for any game not to come out on iPhone/iPad. (Native Bluetooth controller interface/sw)
  9. I would luv to dump $500 into this 1 for the signed art by inafune but alas... I must pay for tuition :'/ I did t hear about the cease/desist order but 1 look at this n I couldn't help to think that inafune wants megaman back pretty bad. I can't help but to think dumbass capcom is waiting for the most terrible of proposals from a cheap unintegritous dev for a megaman reboot. I've been crying in my sleep since mighty #9 was first announced.
  10. Dlc is actually looks like the "bioshock 3" I wanted was expecting. Tho I'm alrdy sure they can do better. I'm rdy for an infinite 2. But first... To finally indulge in this season pass ^^
  11. IceManML


    Aw man.... Moondiver... Can't say I'm exactly a fan.
  12. Makes me happy I have a back log. Just platd that gow3. Yea. I used the glitches. I got my own justification partly related to ascension... DON'T JUDGE ME!
  13. IceManML


    STRIDER ON NEXT GEN MUTHA FUGGAZ! I swear if Capcom fucks this shit up...... I'm gonna take the first plane to Sunnyvale Cali n shit on an execs desk.
  14. IceManML


    You know what... Jason mewes told me I change my mind. http://youtu.be/83y0vRqdRSI
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