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  1. This movie may have bankrupted like half the studios who worked on it, but whenever I see it I am blown away, the movie is 30 years old now, and it still looks better than 99% of anime movies made since.
  2. Gotham Knights had a couple of great ones, but a lot of medicore ones. It's kidna like how I felt about the Animatrix, I adored like 4 of the ones there (Ghost House, Last flight of the Osiris, The noir one with Trinity, and the Ninja scroll one) the rest I could take or leave. I can barely remember any of the ones in Gothan Knights. The Green Lantern: Emerald Knights anthology, now that one was dope!
  3. The movies are OK, the first two are retelling the original series, so I kinda skimmed them. Rebellion is good, but still not sure how I feel about it it's damned gorgeous though.
  4. So, this is a thing apparently. Ghost written by Akira Yoshida. But seriously it's apparently done by the guys who did Jojo's. It looks a hell of a lot better than the Animatrix Batman from like a decade ago. Pretty hyped.
  5. Outside of the first two episodes this has probably been the most consistently good rebels has ever been. Kanan's death flag is set though, no way he makes it off of Lothal.
  6. Kinda more excited for this than Episode 8 TBH. And no way Kanan makes it out of this season alive
  7. Long story trailer is out, subtitled. Spoilers for Yak 5 of course. Goddamn, that's Kojima levels of a badass trailer right there. Also, here is the gameplay trailer:
  8. Early 2017. Right as it gets to the good stuff too.
  9. The problem is, Nintendo is a freakishly conservative company at heart, the Wii and DS were a serious case of right place/right time, and the handheld market shrunk by what, 75% this gen? Not to mention the console market doesn't really seem to have room for a third viable platform. Consolidating the markets seems attractive, but unless there is a real game changer when it comes to features, I'm just not sure that the market is looking for a hybrid. And if Nintendo can't get their production pipeline sorted, they will be sunk anyway. This is a hail mary, I just don't find it being a success h
  10. So Baffleck just put this up on his instagram: No one is sure if this is just for JL, or if it might also be a tease for the solo Batman movie.
  11. You sir, are not a subscriber!!! YOU DON'T KNOW OUR PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this is a thing?
  12. At least he's Constantine in the new Justice League Dark animated movie. But yeah, he just owns that role.
  13. Well, this should be long into the course correction going on at DC right now, so hopes are high. Also rumors are floating about that Spanish actress Eiza Gonzalez might be in for Zatanna. Yup.
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