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  1. -3 now.

    as i said before, I'm the resident black sheep :) It comes with the territory.

  2. everybody knows a nigga can't use a personal computer: not even a Macintosh!

  3. They also like Dicks, so make sure you slap them across the face as token of your appreciation.

  4. I've got to ask you, Trebek, about the Penis Mightier

  5. welcome back!


  6. aww, well I hope you feel better hun! Hurry back soon.

  7. what's this? You show up for a day, have a riveting talk of bisexual nurses, then leave? :(

  8. I surely wouldn't disapprove, considering it was my idea :)

  9. Not a word on if she eve likes it. :-/

  10. so wait a second. You're an attractive girl and you willingly associate with Ross?

    go fig. miracles DO happen.

  11. Not just any conservative rhetoric will do though.

    How are ya cupcake?

  12. Well shit! Welcome back Margaret!


  14. If it weren't for my horse, Id've never spent that year in college.

  15. i've got to ask you, Trebek, about the Penis Mightier

  16. Match maker, match maker make me a match! Find me a find! Catch me a catch!

  17. wait a sec....

    why don't you have five stars?

  18. You're a gem among women. FHD for you, my dear.

  19. Where's my Partner in Crime?

  20. wow...that's....the NICEST thing anyone's ever said to me.

    you rock

  21. What were you expecting, exactly?

  22. how am I a hater?

  23. Thank you for your support. You are not only the funniest Hondonian, but the true MVP.

    And don't worry, Jax would need balls to drop first.

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