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  1. I'm stealing DoJ's villain award. Because that's how I roll
  2. I cannot believe this guy is this guy You've come a long way from the Doctor, Mr. McCoy...
  3. let me guess...Nick went to your House? Happens often.
  4. Not really. you have alot of things that go on during that time, most of which are only talked about in the appendixes and in passing.
  5. from what I understand, the Movies are being broken down like this (spoilers for the two of you who hate books and have never read the Hobbit or LotR): If done that way, this could actually work. I just find it amazing that it's been 11 years since Fellowship released...
  6. Kiefer Sutherland Says the '24' Movie Will Shoot Next Summer Sutherland says the script is ready to go right after the second season of 'Touch.' Last time we spoke to Kiefer Sutherland he thought he’d be shooting the 24 movie by now. When “Touch” premiered in January, he believed the script was ready to shoot in the summer. Then it got delayed for the second time. At the Fox party for the Television Critics Association this summer, Sutherland explained why they didn’t make it into production, but there’s no need to worry. “Timing,” Sutherland said. “We didn’t have a script ready fo
  7. Does Newt like anything? I'm beginning to think the older he gets, the more he's outdoing Ryan...
  8. oh yea, he made one 2 years ago. still, it was a nice reminder... carry on
  9. wait....we have a Rules and Regulations thread? you mean, after all these years, I finally won?!
  10. After season 3, start watching Torchwood. They run parallel throughout Tennant's Run.
  11. I only have one question, and this will determine whether or not I watch this show: what characther does Jonh Barrowman play?
  12. I'm really excited by this. Boy Meets World was also my 90's, and I was a big fan throughout the show. It was between this and Fresh Prince. So far, the info we have, is that we'll have the original Corey and Topanga come back as the parents for their little girl, who this'll be based off. Fans are shouting for a return of Shawn and Matthew. No word on Mr. Feeney, as he's on ER...but that's on ABC, owned by Disney....so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  13. so, Iceman...about that prediction you made earlier....
  14. always a get together at Angel's place. And if/when we win, we'll probably hit the streets. BYOC (Bring Your Own Casuelas) LMAO! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT!!! well done, Panch
  15. Christ but I would wreck that woman.
  16. This movie was made for us, specifically. Check out the trailer, folks!
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