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  1. 219 was alright. Not the most exciting card. Khabib is a machine alright. Not the most powerful striker but he got right in Barboza's face the whole fight and didn't let him use his kicks. Khabib v Ferguson is the logical next step while McGregor does his millionaire playboy act for a few more months. I don't think Ferguson will present a problem for either Khabib or Conor. Although I could be biased in favour of my fellow Irishman. Getting kind of fed up with his shenanigans though. As Ferguson said, "defend or vacate, motherfucker". Holm gave a good account of herself
  2. Bit late to this but a late reply is better than none I guess. GSP showed he still has the stuff after 4 years off and going up a weight. I've a lot of respect for that guy. He's now sidelined indefinitely due to injury which is a pity because it would have been cool to see his second coming. MMA is pretty devoid of superstars right now with McGregor sleeping on his pile of money and Jon Jones fucking up again. Looking forward to Miocic Vs Ngannou. The way he slept Overeem with that uppercut was bananas.
  3. I looked at the docs for the Merge script and it assumes you have the myBB software and the source forum installed on the same server with access to the same database. During the merge process it asks for the database server info and pulls everything in itself. Pretty nifty. According to the forums there are hiccups sometimes where it doesn't quite pull everything in but by and large it works without any major issues. There's quite a few threads on their support forum of people migrating from IPB 3. The only issue seems to be recreating the user profiles after they're copied across but the
  4. So any thoughts? I've downloaded that merge system (it isn't bundled with the main forum software) that supports imports from IPB but I think the version that Hondos runs isn't supported. It's open source though so I'm sure the community has the answer to this problem somewhere. Edit: Derp... Apparently Hondos runs v3.2 of IPB if that wee line of text in the footer is to be believed. Nick, can you confirm this? If so the merge system should work. Can you send me whatever IPB exports so we can test this out?
  5. So I got this up and running finally... http://www.testing.shanekitt.com/mybb/ Take a nose around and see what you think. Try to do as much as possible. Create multiple user accounts, create threads, post images etc. Keep it somewhat SFW as I'm not sure what my webhosts rules are on that sort of thing. I have admin credentials for you, Nick. Let me know where I should send them.
  6. I found a pretty badass feature of myBB that imports IPB data automatically. It supports versions 3 and 4 I believe. I'll get a test instance running and muck around to see what's possible.
  7. OK so I said I'd do this for Nick quite a while ago but I'm shit at life so it's only being done now. Fuck off. Putting my findings in a thread so everyone can have a nose and provide feedback. I started out with some assumptions: Must be able to replicate most of the current features of IPB e.g. reputation, custom user titles, chatbox etc. Must be relatively easy to setup and maintain. Must be extensible with plugins and shit. Bitches love plugins. Be reliable (which rules out anything in beta) ??? Profit The most promising candidate I've found so far is myBB. I opt
  8. I dunno, man. I think you're beating it with the wrong stick. It's certainly flawed plot-wise but I accepted very early on that the plot was just a vehicle for the character development. It became ten times more enjoyable after that. It was an experience for me, not a story if that makes any sense. A pleasantly rustic distraction. The innocence of it was refreshing too. Entertainment now seems stuffed to bursting with grit and realism which I've largely bought into but it's nice to have some fun with a show once in a while.
  9. Shots fired. I like how he's a bit of social retard but keeps a level head when it comes to the important stuff.
  10. Guh double post. Surprised there isn't more chat about this show. I finished Season 4 recently and I can safely say OITNB goes from strength to strength. This season was by far the darkest yet. Shit gets real in a big way in certain episodes. Also...
  11. Haven't seen a show this good in a long time. It was what Super 8 should have been. I know Winona Ryder has gotten some bad press in years gone by but I really liked her performance in this. She portrayed the mother-who-isn't-perfect-but-is-doing-her-damndest perfectly. I also liked the older brother of the kid who went missing (the names escape me). I could really relate to this character.
  12. The Diaz vs McGregor fight was hands down the best MMA fight I've ever seen. It was worth staying up until stupid o'clock for. I can't comment on the state of boxing but UFC certainly seems to create more buzz. At least in my circles anyway.
  13. Couldn't get past the second episode. It was a truly forgettable show for me. As a true blue computer nerd I'm instinctively hostile to anything containing the word "hackers". Did I make the right choice? If you guys give it a solid recommendation I'll persevere but that'll mean having to endure Christian Slaters' stupid face for more precious minutes of my life than I'm willing to sacrifice.
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