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  1. Happy Hondosversary, good sir!!

  2. you need to come back man, we all miss you

  3. Man.... You need to come back here.. Stat

  4. happy birthday sonny, youre quite missed round these parts. now get on back, R2S aint even around man.

  5. sonny: 1) fuck did you go? 2) fuck happened to the knoll? holla.

  6. Out chasin skirts, eh?

  7. Say hello to BrItAiN for me!

  8. He's thick, he's quick, and he'll give it some stick. But most important of all, he's expendable. Ladies and gentlemen, the Stig!

  9. God is an astronaut.

    ...And satan is a mole?

  10. man, rain2skies... what a twat

  11. the same back to you. If i ever come to Texas, I know where i'm heading first!

  12. A MILLION LOVE TUMORS TO YOU! <333333333333333333

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