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  1. God is an astronaut.

    ...And satan is a mole?

  2. the same back to you. If i ever come to Texas, I know where i'm heading first!

  3. Ah yes, we're in the same field of work. We can relate when it comes to the pain and suffering endured when dealing with our public.

  4. Was this the only Preacher thread that came to pass ? I was but a toddler in the drunken deities days. If so, this thread needs more love.
  5. Are you still making brilliant music? I haven't had an update in a while, so I'm not sure. LINK ME.

  6. Some say he invented doors, and that at dawn on midsummer's day, druids gather round him to mark the Solstice, all we know, is he's called The Stig.

  7. No comments? What the fuck were they thinking?

  8. Fucking LUNATIC.

  9. I'm pretty sure there's Irish cowboys in The Proposition... as far as I recall anyway.
  10. Ahh.. alcohol. The love of my life. This saturday if all is according to plan. If I manage to stumble upon my PC switch, land in my chair, inadvertibly land my hand onto my mouse, and then manage to log in, and find hondo's... then I'll make a nice drunken post, like the 'ol days :)

  11. Really? Well tell me when it's released, cause I'll be listening to that fucker straight away. Nice picture by the way, you look very pretty in it.

  12. I fare good, I fare good. Hell of a voice you got there, love. A great talent on the 'ol pianee aswell. KEEP IT UP.

  13. I didn't think the Banjo was a tool for success with the ladies - normally they just go for the guitarists and drummers ( I have a drum kit AND a guitar ! MUHAHAHA so I'm 3 in one. How can they resist? )

  14. This is Snake. Colonel, can you hear me

    Loud and clear, snake.

  15. Hello my aussie friend. Does Red still reside on this board?

  16. //,,

    (,")> Where's the

    <( )' pussy at?

    ,,J L,,

  17. That " Mrs Mia Wallace " pic is hot.

  18. No, I demand you tie her up and drug her, and leave me alone with her. Lock the door too... :)

  19. Hahahaha. Dirty bastard.

  20. How sexy can a man get? THAT'S HOW A MAN SHOULD LOOK.

  21. I listened to your audio stories the other day. SEXAY!

  22. Your site is kick arse

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